Roundtrip tickets to Europe for under $300


How is that even possible?  I thought I got a great deal when I flew one way New York to London for $286.. now i’ve figured out how to get roundtrip for less than that! (Click here to see my NORWAY blogs)

Ok so follow these instructions VERY carefully as it involves two languages!

Screenshot 2016-01-03 04.01.51

  1. Go to and select NORWAY as the place of origin. (trust me) It should now look like this:

Screenshot 2016-01-03 04.02.08

  1. This will leave all the instructions in Norwegian.. open a separate tab on your browser to translate anything you want to by clicking here.
  2. In the “Fly Fra”type JFK if you want to fly from New York, or USA if you are closer to other airports listed in America. (flights from JFK tend to be the cheapest, but it may be cheaper from other airports for you, than traveling to NY to fly out)
  3. “Fly Til” type Oslo and select the “flyplasser” which means all airports.  Oslo is in Norway which gets you into Europe.. don’t worry.. if your final destination is elsewhere, I address that here
  4. In the date boxes underneath, pick the closest “Tirsdag” or tuesday to the date you want to leave, and then in the retur, again pick the closest tuesday to the date you want to return.  Tuesdays are typically the cheapest days, but to be sure you are getting the cheapest flight…
  5. Check the “Vis Laspriskalender” to activate the low price calender.
  6. Click on the Red Button
  7. You should now be looking at something like this.  Don’t freak out, the prices are in Norwegian Krone, which is why we filled it out in Norwegian.  The cost is less if using Norwegian Airlines as a Norwegian!  Bare with me 😉

Screenshot 2016-01-03 03.45.52

  1. Now look thru the calendar for the lowest numbers.  Just to give you a guide.  1500 krone is currently $170 (Jan 3 2015) On my example calendar you can see that the cheapest dates in February to make this trip will be Friday February 5th for 1108K or $125 and return on Feb 25th for 1299K or $147.  A grand total of $272 round trip from  New York to Norway.
  2. Select the red button once you have selected your flight dates.
  3. Now you should have a screen that looks like this

Screenshot 2016-01-03 03.52.07

  1. The categories of flight are broken down into several classes.  I typically fly “Lowfare” as I backpack, and 1 hand luggage less than 10kg is all i travel with.  It saves me tons on all of my flights, but if you aren’t comfortable traveling with so little, then the LowFare+ may be your option.  This gives you the carry on luggage as well as one  checked bag of 20kg for an additional $40 ish per flight.  Bare in mind, if you are taking one of my later featured $10-$30 flights to other parts of Europe, you will incur an additional $15 per flight to check that bag on all of those flights also.. not to mention, carrying it everywhere.. I will write another blog eventually about how to pack one backpack for six months, but to summarize it, i use vacuum bags to compress my clothes, making an arch inside my backpack, and then stuff the middle with my camera, tripod, toiletries and chargers.
  2. The site will automatically default you to the lowest prices, but just double check that before scrolling down to the red button Ga bestilling.
  3. Scroll down to the last red button that says “Jeg vil bestille, men ønsker ikke å lage en ny profil” which means continue without making a profile.

Screenshot 2016-01-03 04.06.10

  1. Fill these fields out using your translator tab.
  2. Congratualtions!!! You’re flying to Norway!

$10 flights in Europe!


So there’s a bit of a buzz going on about Norwegian Airlines latest sale!! 10,000 flights from several destinations in the USA to several places in Europe.. But the deal is even sweeter if you know about some other airlines that only operate within Europe!

Getting to Europe is the costly part, and Norwegian has done an amazing job at cutting that cost.. But once you’re in Europe.. Where do you stay? How do you move around? Is it affordable to see more than one country? Yes!!! See them all!!

Easyjet had an amazing section on their website called “inspire me” which literally lets you visually see the places on the map with a price point.  Here is an example of all destinations you can fly to from London for $40 as an example.  This feature makes hopping around Europe a breeze!

If $40 is too much, check out Ryanair!  I’ve booked flights to Malta, Italy, Rome, Ireland, Norway and Morocco using Ryanair, never paying more than $40 round trip.  Flying on Tuesdays is key, and be willing to take the late flights.  Just be mindful of how you are getting from the airport to your place to sleep if it is a late flight… Some cities do sleep! Here is an example of flights from Oslo (if you’re taking Norwegian into Europe, Oslo is the cheapest place to land because it’s Norway) to several European cities for $10!!!

Finding places to sleep is typically easy.. Hostelworld is a great app, as well as Airbnb and couchsurfing.  Feel free to add me on those 😉  Storme Hannan

I’m always traveling and posting deals as I find them on Facebook so feel free to add me there too.. And for the true traveler I may have a bed for you in NYC or the gulf coast of Mississippi!
Happy and safe travels everyone!

London, Bournemouth and Christchurch



 Wow, it has been a while since I have written a blog. It’s been pretty non stop since the traveling started. November 11th I boarded a plane in NY to Gatwick airport in London, England. Pretty scary really, given that I only had a one way, one time passport that was taken from me at the UK Border. A lot of people think that this trip should be easy for me, but the truth of the matter is, when I left England I was 16. The only time that I have flown  international, and come back to England has been when my mother arranged and paid for it. My dad, or partner at the time, brought me to the airport, and family was waiting on the other side for my arrival. I had never counted on myself, solely, to navigate my way using public transportation. I’d never had to trust myself to make sure that I was okay, and would arrive where I needed to arrive, and needless to say, I was pretty nervous. All of this is really outside of my comfort zone.

Christchurch Priory

Luckily for me, I do have family in this country, and my first initial destination was to my Aunt’s house. In some ways, there was comfort in knowing that, and in others there was a different kind of fear. The last time I had seen my aunt was when I was 15. We’d had very limited contact even when we were in touch, and next to none for the last 20 years. My cousins are grown adults, and I knew almost nothing about my Uncle Paul. Being invited to stay with them in Christchurch was financially supportive of my traveling frugal blog, but emotionally, it was a risk that I really didn’t talk much about.


Hattan Hostel has been pretty successful so far, and I’m extremely grateful for all of Jackie’s hard work on site. The bookings in Mississippi have slowed down, I assume because it is winter time, but I did expect some traffic for snowbird season. The weather there is in the 70s.. maybe people aren’t sick of the cold yet. The price point is as low as it could possibly be, so at this point its time to turn it over to my higher power, and know that there is a reason for it to be vacant.

So far England has been amazing. Better than I anticipated. Spending a day in London was something I have done with my dad as a small child, but I don’t remember anything about it. This trip was with my cousin, and her first time sight seeing the city also. We woke up around 5am to catch a bus into Bournemouth from Christchurch. From Bournemouth we took a coach for 2 hours into the City of London, and began our rainy but fun day seeing the sights. I’ll write a specific guide to seeing London on a Dime once I have finished writing this overall update.

Altogether I stayed in the south of England for a week. I got to spend quality time with family, see London, spend a day at Durdle Door .. a BEAUTIFUL landscape of cliffs at the Southern end of England, and become acclimated to the British way of life.


The total out of pocket from NYC to the end of my first week in England, flight cost included is:

Flight – $286
Snacks for traveling – $7.25
England socket converter to charge my electronics – $10
Bus from London to Bournemouth – $22
Wok and Roll lunch – $6
Train fare from Bournemouth to Christchurch – $5
Breakfast before London – $4
Lodging with family was free
Food for the most part was free – we brought lunch and dinner with us to London and to Durdle Door
Return trip to London via coach – $35
Sight seeing hop on hop off bus tour of London – $45 (something I usually wouldn’t pay for, but given the rain, it was well worth the free bus rides to each attraction, and the free River Thames cruise that allowed me to get some amazing photos while having shelter to duck under.. not to mention the dry comedy of the boat guide)
Teatime – $4
Shopping for a scarf and hat – $12
Postcards and stamps – $20

Week 1 – $456 ($170 without the flight)

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Storme Hannan xoxo