Finding my Faith 

You’ve got me on the move Lord but to where I’m not exactly sure

Feeding a couple of homeless in Blackpool 

Not exactly what I thought You had in store

Cos out there children are dying as they flee from their homeland

And I’m at the altar on my knees Jesus trying to understand

Yearning to know God, what is it You want me to do

Sitting back and saying “I can’t” isn’t really me living my truth 

I want to make a difference

I want to give of myself

I want to do what You would do 

Live a righteous life regardless of Heaven and Hell 

Of course I’d love to meet you Jesus, one day when my time comes

But if I don’t, it’s not a condition for why I always want to help someone.

You see You made me an empath,

And what they feel I feel too!

When they hurt so deep inside, I cry,

And know there’s something I must do.

You’ve already graced me with the clarity,

And the faith to know I’ll always be ok.

That You’ll provide my daily bread,

I don’t need to squirrel away.

That my future is already provided for, just as it is now, and always was.

Through Your grace and mercy, so I can continue for a good cause.

So now I’m asking You Jesus

Guide me please to where You want me to go

What is it You want me to do

Is there a specific camp

A specific land

Or is it just my purpose to prove?

That You always provide

That with nothing I can still have the life of dreams!

As long as I keep my eyes on You!

Wherever I go, there You will always be..

Guiding my way to each new land, each new place with an unbelievable low airfare 

That You’ll find me a roof, a meal or two, and a few more souls to spare.

and when I see someone begging with a cup, ill have it to give, in Jesus’ name,

For its not their whole life that I’m there to fix up, just their daily bread for that day.

Just as You take care of me You’ll take care of them,

Growing their own seeds of faith in You,

Thank you for allowing me to be free,

And for all the places Your love brings me to.

In Jesus’ name … Amen.

Sanjays family home in the process of being rebuilt after the earthquake of 2015 in Nepal.
The tarps and shelter they’ve been living under since the Nepal earthquake. They spent all of their money on medical expenses to save Sanjays life. He passed earlier this year. 
A woman holds her cup out begging for change at the exit of St Peter’s church in Paris. The desperation spoke for itself.
A woman sits on the exit steps of la Sacre Coeur also begging for change. Hundreds of visitors to the church, having just been in the presence of Jesus, walk right past here without so much as a penny.
A couple share an intimate moment in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, so I offered to capture a shot that no selfie could capture. It’s the simple acts of kindness that change this world.
Sanjay and Samjhana (his girlfriend) before he passed. This was before I met him in person but found him so inspiring.
A Syrian father and his daughters at a camp in Athens waiting to be fed breakfast and it was already 3pm. There were hundreds of refugees living in tents. We brought food but couldn’t bring enough.
A lady that slept on a box spring inside a dog kennel for 4 weeks after the great Louisiana Flood of 2016. Her story is in the archives.
Dogs need food too! This couple were camping outside after the 2016 flood and didn’t have food for themselves or their pups.

The opening ceremony for the learning center that Sanjay dreamed into reality before he passed away

A safe place for children to get extra help with schoolwork and for children who have no other means of going to school in Nepal

There are many more moments that I didn’t stop to capture on camera.  Looking back, I see He always puts me where He wants me to be… just sometimes I feel my travels are selfish in nature because putting money in cups, or dropping off food, building tents, feeding animals, building homes and schools .. it never seems enough.  The need in our world is so great, but in each of those moments I know it meant the world to those He allowed me to be of service to.