Terrorist attacks coming to a major city near YOU!


“Omg did you go to Brussels??? They were attacked!!!!”
Major cities are going to continue to be attacked to bring attention to the shit that’s going on in the world until something is done to stop the suffering and the blatant disregard of human life on our (western world) part.. Which will never happen bc we deny our part in it. We look at them as barbaric for blowing themselves up and taking innocent lives with them.. But these people have spent 14 years being bombed blown up and attacked by us.. They’ve spent months traveling far and wide carrying practically nothing but their children.. Watching loved ones die along the way. Then they reach borders where they are tear gassed and beaten for trying to cross borders out of the former iron curtain .. Soviet Union .. 
We hear nothing about Russia in all of this.. Our country has NO IDEA about the shit going on with Russia .. and won’t care to know until shit hits the fan and it directly effects us.. Then it won’t matter if we are driving a Stationwagon or a Porsche .. It won’t matter how much money is in the bank.. 
But I’m just a conspiracy theorist who researches too much… asks too many questions… And won’t settle for ignorant silence.  
With a bonus of knowing how to live off the grid.
My thoughts and prayers are with EVERYONE that is affected by the ENTIRE situation.. Not just the people that died today and their families .. It’s with the 1/4 million other people that have died and their loved ones .. It’s with the 11 MILLION people that are homeless and displaced trying to find a life where they aren’t being bombed. It’s with the mentally ill that have zero ability to comprehend everything that their life is. It’s with the people that CAN do something about it, but don’t… Because it doesn’t effect them directly so why stop going about their daily lives to do something about it?  
I’m sure there will be Belgium flags covering Facebook profile pictures by the end of the day.. And that’ll make it all better. 



🇺🇸Good Morning America… It’s time to wake up! 


Here I am, back in the good ole U S of A.. It’s 6:45a and I’m wide awake. I’ve been awake for a couple of hours now, adjusting to the time difference I’m sure. I’m laying on my friends couch, the same couch I’ve slept on dozens of times while visiting her in New Orleans. The daylight begins to appear behind the blinds, and I walk to the curtains to take a look at the outside. Drawing them back a little, I realize there’s houses, with yards.. She lives in an apartment complex, and until this moment id never looked out of the window. The curtains always stay closed, and I’ve only known what’s within the walls of her home. Within her apartment complex. A HUGE possum awkwardly makes its’ way along the fence, and I’m kinda shocked by its size. A woman in the yard to the left is sat out in her yard, reading the Sunday newspaper.. Unaffected by the creature that’s just passed her by. To the right there’s a street legal, off road capable vehicle (pictured).. Painted in camouflage, and an American flag hanging, resting over the property. These subtle differences in the way of life here had been lost on me for so long. I thought about the boy that might aim his BB gun at that possum some day.. Or his older brother that might shoot to kill. I thought about how huge the vehicle is, compared to the tiny Fiats and Citroens of Europe. I thought about how many tiny cars are over there, some with their difference in fuel, to cut down the high costs of transportation… And how pricey small cars are in America… Usually purchased because their “cute” and a novelty. I thought about the distance from my friends house in Metairie, Louisiana, and mine in Pass Christian Mississippi.. A good hour and half away. For people in England, and Europe in general.. A trip to visit a friend who lives that far away is planned a week in advance.. It’s budgeted.. and it’s a treat.. Because even in the smallest, economical car… It comes with a price tag. At $8 a gallon, how can it not?
As I looked out the window, I was flooded by the number of things, I never knew I took for granted living here in the United States. Ways of life that had become my normal. I thought about the fact that right now, the United Kingdom is being battered by its 8th named storm of the season.. Lives and landscapes forever changed by natures’ fury, and yet I’m sure most of my friends here in the US have no idea. If it doesn’t impact what we know as life, we don’t hear about it, and go about our days as if nothing else exists outside of our walls. I think about Hurricane Katrina.. And how catastrophic and devastating it was for us… How we couldn’t believe that we were left stranded in our streets for so long.. Why it took our protectors so long to protect and help us.. And how many times since Katrina, I’ve heard it used to make a point.. That if it had been a tsunami in Japan, or or an earthquake in Nepal, for example, we’d have help there the same day.. How we help third world countries but don’t take care of our own homeless veterans. I have to wonder just how many third world countries, tsunami and earthquake victims.. Refugees of war that it is we, as a nation, have helped? I doubt it’s many at all. I’m sure that by the time every “charitable organization” takes their cut to maintain themselves.. There’s little left to provide relief.. It’s just another industry. It helps us feel better about ourselves to throw a couple dollars in a bucket.
The truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know, and the good ole USA does an impeccable job of filling our minds with mindless drama and entertainment, that we don’t have time to step outside of our own world. It’s a doggy dog world, and we are cattle, raised in a farm that demands the disease of more. More clothes, more things, bigger houses, newer cars, more land, more money… Bigger… Better… The good life… Because we are America.. The biggest and the best.. We are proud to be Americans.. Offspring of our forefathers.. All immigrants that fled our bloodlines roots to find this bigger better land of the free. “There are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese”… That’s the line in An American Tail that sold me.. As a child, sitting in England.. AMERICA…. I remember feeling euphoric at the thought of the land where dreams come true, anything is possible, and everyone is rich.. The God of all countries.. It’s what I moved here looking for, like so many others.. An escape from the struggle that life is for so many people… Yet no matter how much we acquire, we stay busy on our hamster wheels trying to get more.. It keeps us quite self absorbed, and leaves us little time to think about the rest of the world. When the rest of the world invades our individual lives .. It’s usually thru fear.. Media gives us breaking news of a terrorist attack.. Or a natural disaster .. Our humanity feels bad for the victims.. We wish it weren’t that way “out there” but our animal instinct is too busy trying to make sure we “survive” that we “can’t” do anything about it.
I think about the word “survive” and how it’s had so many different lives within my life. I’ve survived childhood.. School yards of bullies.. A parentless home where we learned quickly to fend for ourselves. I’ve survived decades of mental illness where I’ve wanted to take my own life and on several occasions, I’ve attempted. I’ve survived heartbreak, and moments where emotions weighed so heavily in grief, sadness and anguish that I couldn’t see how I would go on. I’ve survived homelessness and dereliction.. Living in the back of an old station wagon in a junk yard, with no clue where my next dollar came from.. But when $10 dos come my way, I used it to buy diapers and orange juice for my son, because I didn’t need anything that bad. In that memory I can feel the humanity alive and well in my soul, and it’s a feeling I want more of. I’ve survived cancer.. An illness that’s taken the lives of my mother, grandmothers and grandfathers before me.. An illness I never thought I could beat. I’ve survived loving paycheck to paycheck, no matter how much money I earned.. It never felt enough… The struggle really was real… Because I hadn’t yet figured out that I didn’t need all the materialistic things I’d buy to justify all the hours that I worked. I’ve survived 9/11, hurricane Katrina, a broken down car thousands of miles from home, camping alone in the woods where there are bears, road tripping around America, backpacking alone around Europe, drug addiction, stereotypes, my own negative thinking … Life…. I’ve survived life… And until it’s my time to go, I will always survive life! If you’re reading this, then so have you… And so will you … It’s okay to let go of the fear that we won’t survive..

As I look at the monster truck sitting outside, and how much petrol it’s probably drank.. Just to ride around in a muddy field, joy riding.. I think about how far that same petrol could go back in Europe.. As I think about how huge even a one bedroom apartment is .. How open the floor plans are.. And how much electricity we just run.. All the time… I think about how cramped the small island of the United Kingdom is. How the number of people living there is becoming too many for amount of land they have to build on. As I think about the hundreds of thousands of refugees that have been taken in by the different countries of Europe, who are already in financial crisis’ themselves.. I think about the financial crisis we are taught that we are in, here in America. How our lifestyles keep us trapped inside the prison of paycheck to paycheck. The prison of money. The institution of wealth, and all the laws that have surrounded the right to earn money to survive.


There was once a time when money didn’t exist. If you wanted to eat, you planted some seeds and grew some food. If you wanted a home, you drew from the land.. Mud and trees,… Or mined stone and built shelter .. Shelter from the elements of life of earth.. I wonder if we were meant to take shelter so far .. Creating the luxurious forms of shelter we all take for granted now.. Even in the most basic apartments.. We have electricity, climate control, instant entertainment on the tv.. Which wasn’t even sufficient, so we introduced “on demand” and Netflix. If we wanted to go somewhere, we walked.. Sometimes for days.. Creating new shelters along the way.. We weren’t tied to our homes, and our bills and mortgages… We didn’t have social security numbers that said whether we could work or not … That dictated who was allowed to thrive.. We traded skill set for skill set.. And worked as communities to provide all of the basics. Each skill was needed and as valuable as the next. There weren’t rich doctors and lawyers.. Doctors became rich because fear of dying is so huge. Lawyers became rich because laws became so many, and money became so valuable.. The more money one has, the more skills they can but, and lazier they can be. We buy our way back to the freedom from the grindstone.. Freedom to once again enjoy our earth.. Freedom to travel.. The richest of us but their own boats, build their own oasis’ in their backyards.. Of their bigger better houses.. They fly first class or on private planes to remote islands .. And in those places they have arrived .. They’ve achieved the goal… But I promise you … They still want more. That feel good achievement.
What would happen if currency became acts of kindness, goodwill to others, selflessness… If money were abolished… If love for one another replaced money… If we all did unto others as we want done for ourselves.. I think we Wouldn’t be as fearful.. As stressed.. As angry… As lonely..
Traveling has opened my eyes.. Not only to what I find out there.. But to what I couldn’t see here at home. We took a wrong turn somewhere along our timeline.. A turn that led us right back to everything our forefathers were freeing us from.
“WE, THE PEOPLE…” I wanted to learn about the actual people that wrote our Declaration of Independence. What were we declaring independence from? This is what I found…

 So basically, the colonists enjoyed their freedom they’d found in being neglected by the British.. When the British came back to rule the colonists.. The colonists fought to keep the freedoms they’d found.. Freedom from being ruled by a country where money dictated the power.. And taxes were used to keep the money and power in limited hands. This is why the most memorable part of the Declaration of Independence is
“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
Wow! I have to wonder what our forefathers are up there thinking, watching all that America has become. Have we realized their vision for this great nation? Or have we allowed the same greed and thirst for power that governed Britain in the 18th century become our way of life here in the colonies. “All men are equal” yet the likes of Donald Trump is a front runner for Presidency.

While traveling thru Europe, I heard the same repeated message in several countries in regards to America. It’s the country they are most afraid of.. Not Iraq.. Not Syria.. America.. Because in America we have guns. The look on their faces when I tell them I have a gun back home… It’s unimaginable to them. They tell me stories of how we kill ourselves thru school shootings, and mass murder.. How they’re afraid to be a foreigner in our land because all it takes is a second and you could be dead. I can completely understand their concerns. We have the right to bear arms, and we fight daily to keep that right. The reason our fore fathers gave us that right was so that we could fight for ourselves to keep our freedom, should we ever have to. It wasn’t to hunt. It wasn’t to protect ourselves from enemy states.. That’s what the military was for .. It was so that, in the event our government needed to be replaced, we would have the ability to fight for that. Times have changed.
Americans are beautiful people. America, for me, is home. It still is the land of opportunity, where anyone can make their wildest dreams come true. The civilians of this great nation are as good as any other country I’ve visited. They’re completely unaware that our military is out in the world, terrorizing smaller countries.. Being the present day pirates, stealing oil, raping towns and villages, bombing lands and killing people by the millions.. Forcing families to flee and seek refuge, all in the name of “more”. They’re unaware that while they complain about $3 per gallon of petrol, Our allies.. Our nations friends, like France and England, are paying $6-$8 per gallon, but continue to be “friends” so that it doesn’t increase any further.. Sending their military in to drop a couple of bombs in order to share allegiance. The great people of America don’t know that they’re constantly being groomed by the media.. To only know what the government wants them to know.. To create conflict of interests about things like gun control, and foreign affairs.. So that when our government is exposed, we won’t be able to carry out the wishes of our very own Declaration of Independence.
We don’t know that we are no longer free… We don’t know that we are wasteful of precious resources.. That we are noticeably fatter than any other country.. That there’s more to life than Facebook, binge watching Netflix on 60″ TVs, and driving that 2016 convertible off the lot. While people are living in tents year round as their homes, we cringe at the thought of tent camping for fun, and rent a log cabin or an RV instead. We don’t know how good we have it, because the only thing we are repeatedly shown, is the glamorous lives of those who have it better .. The carrot that keeps us going to work for that paycheck to paycheck life so that the rich get richer.

Good Morning America… It’s time to wake up!

RENT A CAR FOR 6 days.. $27!!! Don’t DO IT!


Today is day three and I am back at the airport returning my rental car. You know, for a frugal traveler… Renting a car shouldn’t even be an option.. But I totally got sold on the follow up email when I booked my flight to Barcelona.

RENT A CAR FOR 6 days.. $27!!!

And it worked.. I clicked .. And even though I knew better from my experience in Ireland,.. I thought about how much of Ireland I was able to see as a result of having that cute little blue car.. And I justified the extra money I knew would surely come at the desk in insurance and fees… And it did!


Because I don’t possess that evil little piece of plastic known as a credit card, I had to pay a daily insurance rate .. Fortunately, the guys wife was from Alabama, and when I told him I was writing a frugal travel blog, he gave it to me for the lowest price possible. Unfortunately for Firefly, my advice is.. If you’re coming to Barcelona… DON’T get a car!! Here’s why .. Y’all read about my experience losing the car.. So that’s reason number one. Secondly, there isn’t anywhere to park. I’ve spent more gas, driving around looking for parking, than I have actually getting wherever it is I was trying to go. Third.. Gas is expensive here, as it is in all of Europe .. $6 a gallon at least!!! Parking costs 4 cents per minute.. And walking up and down the hills of Barcelona to get to and from your car, once you’ve found parking.. Honestly.. It’s easier to take public transport. When you get to the airport.. Get a T10 card for 10€ at the airports train station. This will give you ten trips which are all good for an hour and 15 minutes if you need to transfer. Three stops and you are in the city center! If you pay per ride it’s 2.10€ per trip.. So this card is a little money saver in itself. Also.. If there’s more than one of you, you can enter the card.. Let it feed thru and leave it there for your friend behind you. It isn’t one per person.. So if you’re going for a weekend.. This works out great! (By the way, this isn’t cheating, I read it in the tourist transit website)

  The bonus of going back to the airport was the people I met on the train to the city center. While walking across the bridge to the train station, there was an elderly French lady who was struggling to walk, pull her luggage, and hold her robe up off the floor so she wouldn’t trip. I offered to pull her baggage for her, doing my good deed for the day. When we got to the station, her son was waiting for her impatiently.. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself about what a jackass he was! They only spoke French, so I helped them understand that they had to take the train to the city and then get a train from there to Paris. Hopefully they made it. On the platform, a guy heard me speaking English with the conductor and pulled me aside for help figuring out what thy needed to do. They were Turkish Muslims, and very friendly! 🙂

I shared my research about the T10 card.. And given that a single ride from the airport to the city was 4.80€ each, the T10 was already saving money!

Roundtrip tickets to Europe for under $300


How is that even possible?  I thought I got a great deal when I flew one way New York to London for $286.. now i’ve figured out how to get roundtrip for less than that! (Click here to see my NORWAY blogs)

Ok so follow these instructions VERY carefully as it involves two languages!

Screenshot 2016-01-03 04.01.51

  1. Go to norwegian.com and select NORWAY as the place of origin. (trust me) It should now look like this:

Screenshot 2016-01-03 04.02.08

  1. This will leave all the instructions in Norwegian.. open a separate tab on your browser to translate anything you want to by clicking here.
  2. In the “Fly Fra”type JFK if you want to fly from New York, or USA if you are closer to other airports listed in America. (flights from JFK tend to be the cheapest, but it may be cheaper from other airports for you, than traveling to NY to fly out)
  3. “Fly Til” type Oslo and select the “flyplasser” which means all airports.  Oslo is in Norway which gets you into Europe.. don’t worry.. if your final destination is elsewhere, I address that here
  4. In the date boxes underneath, pick the closest “Tirsdag” or tuesday to the date you want to leave, and then in the retur, again pick the closest tuesday to the date you want to return.  Tuesdays are typically the cheapest days, but to be sure you are getting the cheapest flight…
  5. Check the “Vis Laspriskalender” to activate the low price calender.
  6. Click on the Red Button
  7. You should now be looking at something like this.  Don’t freak out, the prices are in Norwegian Krone, which is why we filled it out in Norwegian.  The cost is less if using Norwegian Airlines as a Norwegian!  Bare with me 😉

Screenshot 2016-01-03 03.45.52

  1. Now look thru the calendar for the lowest numbers.  Just to give you a guide.  1500 krone is currently $170 (Jan 3 2015) On my example calendar you can see that the cheapest dates in February to make this trip will be Friday February 5th for 1108K or $125 and return on Feb 25th for 1299K or $147.  A grand total of $272 round trip from  New York to Norway.
  2. Select the red button once you have selected your flight dates.
  3. Now you should have a screen that looks like this

Screenshot 2016-01-03 03.52.07

  1. The categories of flight are broken down into several classes.  I typically fly “Lowfare” as I backpack, and 1 hand luggage less than 10kg is all i travel with.  It saves me tons on all of my flights, but if you aren’t comfortable traveling with so little, then the LowFare+ may be your option.  This gives you the carry on luggage as well as one  checked bag of 20kg for an additional $40 ish per flight.  Bare in mind, if you are taking one of my later featured $10-$30 flights to other parts of Europe, you will incur an additional $15 per flight to check that bag on all of those flights also.. not to mention, carrying it everywhere.. I will write another blog eventually about how to pack one backpack for six months, but to summarize it, i use vacuum bags to compress my clothes, making an arch inside my backpack, and then stuff the middle with my camera, tripod, toiletries and chargers.
  2. The site will automatically default you to the lowest prices, but just double check that before scrolling down to the red button Ga bestilling.
  3. Scroll down to the last red button that says “Jeg vil bestille, men ønsker ikke å lage en ny profil” which means continue without making a profile.

Screenshot 2016-01-03 04.06.10

  1. Fill these fields out using your translator tab.
  2. Congratualtions!!! You’re flying to Norway!

Dear Mr President



Dear Mr President,
Please PLEASE help me understand. I admit that I am just another ignorant American civilian, too consumed with the relationship status updates of my Facebook newsfeed, and whether Justin Bieber or Adele is number one on the charts. If it hadn’t been for my friends, worrying about my welfare as I traveled to Europe, and was supposed to be in Paris the night off the attacks, I most likely wouldn’t have tuned in to the recent world events; but I DID!
In doing so, I have learned about the 1/4 million refugees that have been killed since the civil war broke out in Syria. I have read multiple of articles about so many other attacks in various countries, that for some reason, didn’t make such a splash on our tabloids. I have seen France retaliate with air strikes and the United States join them. I have watched YOU, Sir, stand next to the French leaders, and discuss the environmental issues facing our planet, owning the USA’s part in the carbon footprint of our generation, and committing to be part of the solution. I found that amusing as I’ve witnessed the progress in the UK. 80% of the garbage in Northwich is recycled. It is broken down into groups; hard plastics, glass, cardboard, small appliances, TVs, large appliances, soft plastics, scrap metal etc Each house has a container to deposit their leftover scraps of food that is picked up to feed the pigs, or make compost. My house in Mississippi does not even have recycling. Why are you pretending that we care?
  I find it despicable that you are hiding behind the environmental causes. Your newsfeed shows nothing of the vote that took places toon of it in the UK today,.. A very crucial vote to extend airs strikes into Syria. No mention.  

What are you hiding Mr President? 

We, the people, deserve the truth.  What are we really sending our loved ones into war for?  Now that the USA, France and Britain are bombing Syria, what’s next? ISIS was obviously in Paris and Belgium a month ago, bombing civilians in retaliation of the bombs already dropped. Lee Rigby was murdered in the streets of London.  The attackers apologized for the women that had to witness the beheading, but wanted the western world to understand, their people watch their loved ones die every day.  Please tell me again how bombing Syria some more will move us towards world peace.  What about the military allience of Syria and Russia.  Isn’t anyone else worried about that sleeping giant? Seriously.. What’s next? 


Gypsy Feet

Who are the terrorists, and why? Shocking 


USA, did you know 2 British men beheaded a British soldier.. A French lady was one of the suicide bombers in Paris, a Belgian affiliate helped orchestrate it. It’s not the refugees you need to be worried about…

Last night Brussels, Belgium was shut down completely.  Two days ago, a Radisson hotel was attacked, leaving 27 dead after 170 hostages were held captive.  One of the suicide bombers was a woman raised in France.  A Belgian citizen was arrested for having connection to the terrorists base.  In May 2011 British men, hit, with a car, an off duty British solider, and proceeded to behead him with a meat cleaver and knife in a street on the outskirts of London. This list could go on and on… The more I see in today’s news, here in the UK, the more research I find myself doing.  The questions I have, the more I want to know, to get to the root of why? Why are these horrendous attacks happening?

I’ve now been in Europe for ten days.  On one hand, it has been an amazing trip so far, and I am enjoying seeing new sights, and sharing them thru photography and stories with those following me on Facebook.  On the other hand, I have been opened up to the reality of world events going on outside of the United States, and honestly, I am in shock.  I consider myself to be pretty knowledgable about life, but this trip is proving to provide insight about just how ignorant I am.  
The article about the death of Lee Rigby in Woolwich England hit home because it’s the barracks that we lived in when I was 4 years old.  My dad was with the British Army and my mum was with the Royal Air Force, and we lived there as a result.  As I googled “Lee Rigby” I saw pictures of him in uniform that were familiar.  I’d seen them on my newsfeed.  I’m not sure if it was American friends or British friends.. But it was one of those stories that I had meant to go back and read, but didn’t find the time.  In a nutshell he was ran over by a car, and then they attempted to behead him with a knife and meat cleaver.  They waited with the body for authorities to arrive, and as they waited, a civilian recorded the answer to “why?”


Refugees are already in America – stop being brainwashed! 


Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi

How can you know what that looks like if you haven’t seen the world? 
I came to Europe to put another ✔️ on my bucketlist next to backpack Europe, or at least that’s what I told myself and all of my friends. As the plan came together to actually make it happen, I felt the universe guiding me, and repeatedly saw the signs. The following blog will possibly sound borderline mentally unstable, possibly delusional, and will definitely keep me within the labels of “crazy” and “mentally ill”… But I am okay with that. I’ve learned to embrace and trust my intuitions, and have found that the more I own them, and talk about them, the better I feel and cope. I’m not alone.  
  When I allow myself to be quiet, still, and listen, it’s amazing what I hear. When I visited NY the first time this year, I posted the amazing tourist photos, and how to do everything for free. I visited the 9/11 memorial, and I sat for hours with visions of that day, flashes of hysteria. I felt the grief, and the sadness. I watched tourists take selfies, and pose as part of the NYFD sculptures, pretending to be a firefighter. The anger welled up inside of me at the lack of respect. I’m sure they have no idea what it was like for each and every person impacted directly by the events that took place on 9/11. As an empath, I absorb others emotions, and being in such an intense place, it was an experience I can’t quite put into words. I was in NY for 9/11 and had to move afterwards, because the energy was just too thick.  
  I moved to New Orleans, where 3 years later, Hurricane Katrina hit and caused complete devastation. Another war zone, this time with its own refugees. Again the energy was thick and almost unbearable, but an amazing transition happened as the New Orleans Saints won the division playoffs for the first time in their history. Returning from a year of exile due to the Superdome housing Katrina’s refugees, the Saints brought a light to the end of each weeks very hard exhausting week of rebuilding both workplaces and homes. New Orleans became united by the Bless You Boys and soon became the Who Dat nation. The energy became filling as opposed to depleting, and I stayed.  
  Recently, I took a trip to initially see Memphis. I’d repeatedly heard the word Memphis in conversations with friends, articles I’d read online, and tho it was the opposite side of where I wanted to see in Tennessee, I felt the universe was telling me to go to Memphis… For what? I had no idea. On that trip, I ended up seeing 13 states in 3 weeks. There wasn’t any particular plan. I learned a lot about camping, traveling at minimal costs, meeting new people with different cultures, and about Airbnb.. Something that would later prove to be vital in funding my future excursions. The Universe had provided me with tools for the next part of the plan.  
  In October I visited DC to attain a new British passport as I had lost my original. For years this had been the reason I didn’t visit home (England) and if I wanted to backpack Europe the following summer, I was going to need it. While in DC I visited a couple of museums. The first exhibit was “portraits” where I saw amazing paintings. One of them was Nelson Mandela, another was Maya Angelou. These are name that stick out to me as famous in the way I’d like to be famous one day. I also visited the holocaust museum, where I learned about genocide, I toured the story of Daniel, a name that repeatedly appears in my life, and speaks to me. By the end of the tour I was emotionally moved, and committed to NEVER letting that happen again. The next day, as fate would have it, I saw the German president on the steps to the Lincoln memorial. I was contacted on POF by a girl who was born in Germany, and when I asked in my photography group for suggestions on places to shoot pictures, the first response was Auschwitz. “I hear you universe” I remember thinking, and just like Memphis, I felt pulled towards going to Germany for a purpose. My higher powers will for me would most likely be revealed.  
  The next day was the embassy and tho I was unable to get the passport that day, across the street from the British embassy was a statue of Nelson Mandela. One man that made a significant difference in the world. As I continued to walk, I passed a statue of Ghandi, another man who made a significant difference. A feeling came over me, a certainty that I had the ability to make a difference.. That I wasn’t “just one person”.  
  A couple of days later I returned to New Orleans. I spent the night at my friends house, and before heading back to Mississippi I decided to have curry for lunch across the street. On the TV there was a celebration of Ghandi. They were dancing around his statue. I couldn’t understand the Indian language, but I knew it was Ghandi. I remember googling his birthday to see if that was it but it wasn’t. It was being broadcast from New York.  
  I now had a date of when I’d be able to get an emergency travel document to get into Europe. I had found an unheard of cheap flight into Paris, where Airbnb was hosting a worldwide convention that I wanted to attend. I’d found lodging for $80 for the week, and I was ready to push forward my summer goal of backpacking Europe.  
  As the time came closer to leaving, an article about migrants dying while trying to storm the channel tunnel from France to England came across my newsfeed. By this time I had booked my flight into London due to the price increase in the flight to Paris. I’d leave on 11/11, a number that always sticks out to me and now serves as the time of day that I reflect. I read the article and began researching about the immigrants and refugees fleeing Syria. While I was in Atlanta, getting my travel document, a close friend of mine asked me to be careful, sharing with me the latest news that riots were taking place in Germany in protest of allowing refugees in. It was at that moment I felt convinced that backpacking Europe wasn’t going to look like I had imagined it to look. Yes, I would sightsee, take pictures, see family, but there was a greater purpose going on.  
  Now that I am seeing the world, I have a clearer picture of the change I want to be. I see how closed off America keeps its people. I see the ignorance, tho no fault of their own. I see the sheep following the media wherever the money tells the media to lead them and it is sad. It is so sad for me to see.  
  Today’s news is about which states are refusing to allow refugees into their borders because the media chose to interrupt shows like Ellen, and let them know that Paris was attacked. No one stops to question why that particular story was shared. Why wasn’t the first attack on France this year shared? Why wasn’t the attack on Lebanon that killed over 200 people just two days earlier shared? An attack that killed many Syrian refugees, the same people America is being conditioned to fear. Why is it that David Cameron, the British prime minister felt safe enough to visit Syrian refugees in their tents, 2 days prior to the attacks on France, to find out what their needs are, but in America we are afraid if there is even one refugee behind state lines? I keep reading posts about taking care of our own first, and I agree!! Veterans should absolutely be taken care of.. But let’s be honest.. If we don’t allow refugees into the country, do we really believe the money will go to the veterans?  Fuck no.  

  Stop letting the government brainwash you with selective media broadcasting!!!  Get educated!!  If you wanna protect yourself, your loved ones, and your country, get to KNOW what the problem is!  This is genocide people! This time we are fucking Hitler and his army.  How do you think the citizens of Germany were trained to support Hitlers cause? The same way we are.  Selective information.  Our government gets our backs up, and we become ready to fight to protect ourselves, and we support them bombing the fuck out of Syria.  Why now? This war has been going on for your years.. Why did they wait so long? Yesterday France bombed “ISIS” and America joined them too and also bombed Syria.  The more the western countries bomb Syria, the more innocent civilians flee the country, and the more refugees are created.  The refugees flee to neighboring lands that have run out of resources, and are turning to the United Nations for help.  Countries like England are sending money to support the refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, and other surrounding countries, so that they can provide resources and prevent them needing to move further into western European countries.  Germany has an alterior motive for allowing 800,000 refugees into its borders.  They have a decrease in population, and todays’ children will be tomorrow’s workforce andraxable income, not to mention the funding that is sent to help aid the refugees.