Campervans for Everyone!

Campervans for everyone! Lol
So it turns out that I am not the only one that wants to convert a van and drive off into the magical world of rivers, mountains, and gorgeous view after gorgeous view!

All I’m going to say is this … if you truly want a campervan… you’ll have a campervan. Intentions equal results.

He meets us where our hearts truly lie because it’s in that fire of passion that we take the most action… the fires that refine us from stones to diamonds. Thank you Jesus for the life you’ve written for me.
Ok, so I’m not only going to say one thing, and I can feel it in my spirit that I need to write right now… but the punch line is this …

I’ve always imagined heaven as a really bright beautiful place of nature unspoiled by man… its everything we would’ve had here if we didn’t have the gift of … I forget the word … if we couldn’t sin.. that’s what i imagine heaven to be and to look like … and yesterday He brought me up a mountain, literally, a path i was hiking with my mom that was easy incline gravel… and we were tired but didn’t want to retrace the same path back so we looked at the map and there was another cut across route to the lake path so we took it…

and .1 miles (about a NYC block) into this path it gets rocky.. and a little hazardous .. we couldn’t really focus on talking about anything but where to put the next foot, and before we knew it it was which boulder was the easiest to climb!

What? This was not the plan lol but we climbed. We got to a plateau that we thought was going to be the top but had a huge wall staring straight up to actually get to the top. Now there were blue paint markings on trees and rocks so we knew we were still on the path but it was sooooo natural looking that it didnt feel like a path. Our faith was in that little blue spot of paint tho .. I wish I had taken a picture of them.. like little nudges from Jesus when things felt really difficult. How many times throughout life had I missed those nudges because I was too busy going my way?

We discussed if we wanted to continue. We talked about turning back the little way we had gone as opposed to possibly rock climbing for a mile. We were already tired… but curiosity… man that little mustard seed will get me every time.

The thought of what the photo opportunity might be up there gave me the strength to climb that mountain and follow those blue spots of paint, and push thru my fear of heights as my anxiety kicked in and my knees felt like jello and I knew it wasnt a safe place to stop and ground myself so I had to keep going and push that anxiety aside until I reached a safe place to compose myself. I couldnt even look at the view until I did that. Once I did turn around tho … it was like heaven .. literally .. untouched carpets of trees for miles all around with splotches of orange, pink, purple, browns, yellows, greens .. the bluest lake and clearest skies with powder dust sprinkles of clouds.. it was heaven.. vibrant and peaceful… pure heaven.

So my point is this .. my heart yearns to be completely free, and with freedom I found space and time to really sit and listen to what I am drawn towards.. not anyone else .. me .. my given purpose.. and this is it … showing the world that my Jesus takes care of me and I never know what that will look like but yesterday it looked and felt like heaven. . . Right here on earth.

God took me from the side of that bridge, attempting suicide to the life I live today! Every day I am asked .. “what do you do for a living?” And I know that they’re referring to the financials of just being on vacation all the time … but money is such an insignificant part of life… so much fear is tied up into those little bits of paper. Gold … what is gold? A resource on earth that is limited so it’s worth more than some other rock? How insane is that? Why do we value what we dont have more than what we do when what we have is always far more than we need. I’ve always had everything I need.. whether I was homeless or i owned multiple houses .. food and water … and clothes to be appropriate per society.. that’s it. The freedom that comes in that is AMAZING!
As for the campervan.. I keep praying on it, keeping my searches marked for affordable Vans etc … for the amount of my truck i could probably save money by switching to a van to convert .. gas mileage is about the same.. maybe better if I got the Ford transit .. but they’re out of my price range so … my cousin has a mail truck that needs a new transmission… it’s a starting point to see if I’m really willing to do the work and make it happen… just like Airbnb was, and now look!
I guess I dont need to write anymore lol but yea … that’s what i “do” just whatever He presents next in my life. It’s working out really well!

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