Cellphone review – facial recognition, watch gadgets, and the future of technology!

Okay so I’ve officially had my new samsung galaxy s8 plus with the cool 99c watch for … hold on lemme check my watch… well I can tell you that my heart rate is 107bpm and I’ve technology been walking for 3 mins and 38 seconds but now it’s red and says I stopped so I’d better start walking again.. 

Let’s just go with 4 hours.  

“it had better be life-changing for the prices they are asking for these new devices!” Right?!?!

Well let’s evaluate that statement .. 

I am currently pacing up and down the hallway of our home from bedroom to living room to guest room to kitchen and back .. back and forth back and forth … why ? Well it started with me being curious if the step counter was accurate so I walked to the kitchen counting and adding and was pleasantly surprised that it even accounted for my step backwards! Then I decided to calculate how many times i would have to walk back and forth in our home to reach 10k steps .. the daily goal.. and it’s about 250 round trip walks.. so I started walking to be funny .. but then when I stopped, I couldn’t think of something to do that would justify my stopping… SHIT! Now im stuck walking until I can feel like I earned the right to sit down! Yep that’s a life changer!

So at one point I wasn’t walking with my phone out.. and when I took it out to check my progress I couldn’t get the phone to recognize my face and unlock while I was walking.. so I had to stop and then the watch is buzzing bc I stopped and I’m holding my phone out about 8 inches so it can recognise me and I suddenly realize … 

I am going to have to look like im taking a selfie anytime I want to use my phone .. so let’s say I use that cool Samsung pay feature.. apparently I can just wave my magic watch and I’m paid at the checkout .. but do I have to look like I’m taking a selfie to open the phone so I can wave my wrist like Harry Potter .. because that would definitely be a life changer… I mean .. selfie pose.. leviovisa… and I thought chip and pin was different! 

So yep .. I’m still walking.. around coffee tables and corners etc (and really think we need an app that turns physical structures into an Ariel view and put us in a Pac man game cos that would be fun!)  And now that I’ve added 1,000 steps to my daily I think I’ll resume my previous life… for now 😉😂