Hurricane Harvey Lessons

It’s important to learn from mistakes, improve thru experience, and honor those who were impacted while learning the lessons so that it wasn’t in vein.

If you have one to add, please feel free to drop it in the comments or inbox me.

1. Leave apartment complex gates open and unlocked

I just remembered one of the rescues .. a woman having seizures with 2 children trapped in their apartment water rising and one child had already drowned.  We were keeping her on the line while we got a boat there but she was giving up hope.  The boat with medics were at the apartment complex gate but it was locked and had flooded so they were trying to pry it .. 😢

There are so many things we need to add to Hurricane Preparation Awareness .. log the lessons learned to save lives in the future.  

Apartment complexes please leave your security gates open so that rescues can be made if needed.  I understand the security but lives trump things every time.

2.  We need a portable boat launch system. I don’t know if that exists or needs to be invented but with ever changing conditions during a flood, we need a way to create safe places for boats to launch near needed rescues.