And I thought $59 from N.Y. to Dublin Ireland was unbeatable!

August 22nd 2017

So I’m searching for the cheapest way to get to my $99 flight from Boston USA  to Cork, Ireland on November 1st and it led me to start looking to see if it would be cheaper to find a different flight into Europe! That’s just wild that that could be the solution.. I mean after all, petrol is about 1/4 of the cost in America so one would think flights and buses would be cheaper.  
So anyway, here I am going backwards and forwards checking dates and routes and I open up the calendar for all flights out of New York to anywhere and it says $56 into Edinburgh Scotland… what!?!? I thought I held the record when I booked the $65 flight from New York to Dublin and used my $5 in skymiles to drop it to $59!  Unfortunately the date for this flight is before the seminar ends so it didn’t work for what I’m trying to figure out.. but it just goes to show.  There’s always a deal out there if you’re willing to do the research! 

I figured I would write a blog and at least score clicks from it while sharing it with my Girls Love Travel family #GLT #GLTLOVE (if you’re a female traveler who ha dnt yet joined this amazing community.. what are you waiting for!)

So first thing.. go to skyscanner and put flying from New York to Edinburgh and click on October 1st (this is just to get the search going) my search shows 2 adults.

Now let it load and then click on the October 1 

This opens up the calender. Green dots are always good! 🙂 

Now look in the top right corner for the bars (at the end of the select date line next to the calendar icon) click on that and be prepared to gasp!

Yep! While that $90 fair already looked AMAZING .. there are 3 dates in the first 10 days that have $56 flights!!! (That’s $111 for 2 because it’s actually $55 and change per ticket)

So now all you need to do is get a 45L backpack.. learn how to roll your clothes for maximum packing capacity that doesn’t exceed cabin luggage requirements.. and then check out my article about $10 flights in and around Europe!