Do You Have Houston Harvey Evac Questions?

This article will serve to break down how to answer some questions we are hearing on our Zello channels repeatedly.  While our database does not account for all effected addresses and rescues, it can provide insight to those that have requested boat rescue operations thru our form – please click this link if you need to request a rescue! 

How can I request a rescue?

– fill out this form 

Once submitted a pin will be placed on the map.

In the search field, type their address.  If they are registered, and have been processed to ensure it isn’t an immediate life or death situation, or medical emergency, a pin will be on the map.  If you have submitted a request, but do not see a pin, please know that we have a team of 50

How to launch a boat.  With ever changing water levels we have ever changing boat launches, and update the map as boaters find the launch is no longer usable or if they find a new location.  Sharing information is critical! This is logged in the Rescuer Resources

Under the Evacuee Resources will be updated shelter information

Road closures make it difficult to get from place to place.  Many times boats are rerouted by authorities to maintain the safety of rescue teams also.  Finding launch points near needed rescues. The ratio of rescues needed to number of boats.  Sudden changes like levee breaches that bring an urgent necessity to a specific location as water is rising rapidly… just to name a few.

Is the water going down?

On the map there is also a NOAA list of real time flood level points from river markers.  

Checking this box will allow you to click on markers to see an accurate water level,

 closest to your location and see a graph of predicted water levels based on run off, precipitation, levee breaches. Clicking on the link in that pop up will take you to the graph. THIS IS CRITICAL INFORMATION! Sometimes the water will go down, and then rise again. Please please share this with people. The false sense of security causes people to venture out and then get in trouble when water rises again from a levee breach, or another creek busting. 

  These graphs are accurate.  If you are waiting for a rescue, monitor your local marker to make sure no sudden change will impact your area.  It gives the locations flood stage and a real time measurement of water levels as well as an extended forecast of how that level will rise or fall so that you can know when to be vigilant, or proactive in seeking higher ground.

What if I don’t see any water, is it safe to try to get home?

No! If you are out of the effected area and have a dry place, STAY THERE! Roads are closed, water levels keep changing regardless of it is still raining. There is 1 Trillion Gallons of Water constantly moving. Do not risk it!

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them. Please know we are doing our best around the clock.


What happens after the water?

We will need volunteers.. sign up to be ready for deployment for on the ground recovery efforts

We will need donations and giftcards, or you can shop from our Amazon Texas Flood Recovery Wishlist and have the items shipped to our Galveston location for distribution.  We typically focus on providing basic camping needs as we know how long it takes for Fema to assist this magnitude of devastation.  We pray that the majority have a family outside of the impacted area that they can relocate to until government assistance kicks in, but last year’s flood revealed a very different devastating picture.

Warning – this video will break your heart 🙁

Video is Copyright by Storme Hannan XOXO 2016.

The Cajun Army will be assisting with gutting houses once the water resides. Please have families sign up for that, or sign up To be a volunteer on their website.  To donate the tools they will need for incoming volunteers please see their wishlist (the title still says Louisiana but check their Facebook to see they are moving to Texas!)

 Well, time to get back to helping.. Thank you to everyone who is volunteering.. near and far!