Au Revoir Not so frugal Paris! 

I definetly didn’t hit my budget goal in Paris.. the amount of refugees that I passed by on the streets combined with the artwork that seemed too good to pass by, and lastly a vintage gobot transformer toy that I had as a child really pushed me over.. but to say I stayed in one of the most expensive cities in the world for 12 days and spent $779 in travel, accommodation, food, souvenirs and tickets for the Louvre, Eurodisney, and everything in between.. plus I bought a new backpack with wheels and new sneakers to spare my aching feet and knees.  That doesn’t include the 270 euros that I dispensed to those in need or the $400 I’m thankful I was able to send to Nepal to continue the buimding efforts.  There’s no wonder that I am feeling like it hit my account hard none the less.

I know that I could’ve done it cheaper, and I think at some point I just allowed myself to break the bank a little.. maybe because income at home was pretty lucrative last month.. maybe because I am a Disney fanatic!

Lol Maybe it was the sheer exhaustion that prompted me to use ubers despite having $1.50 tickets to get home using public transportation.

I will make it up in upcoming countries tho I am sure.  I’m currently in Belgium for 10 days on a budget of $200 so I’m confident I will gain ground if I move East.

So here’s the breakdown.. I already had a flight from Lanzarote to London for $30 with Ryanair  because my initial plans were to explore London and then go to Paris, but when my nephew asked me to go to #legoland in Windsor with them, I had a little rearranging to do.

I found a private room on airbnb for about the same price as I could find a hostel on so I opted for the private room for $21 per night.. 12 nights a grand total of $256.  Man I miss my travel credits!

I bought 3 books of 10 transportation tickets while there @ $17 per book .. $51

Groceries were 2 seperate shopping trips and amounted to $160 for the 2 weeks.. way more than I usually spend on groceries.

A $65 eurostar train ticket from Paris back to London to make it to legoland on time to meet family (double what a bus would’ve cost but when flexibility is taken away, travel always costs more)

I have to say .. the paintings and sketched available at the old book huts along the River Seine are pretty well priced and I bought my fare share of them.  I love art .. I love visual memories of my travels and some will be gifts .. maybe.. so I’ve rationalized the $250 I spent on them and other trinkets.

The good news is this… the gallery of photography that came out of Paris really did make it all worth it… no regrets at all! Check it out for yourself!

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Next stop Legoland Windsor and London!