Wondering where I’m Wandering to next … 

So my couchsurfing host hasn’t been in touch and I hit London in less than 48 hours… it was time to find a back up plan.  I searched airbnb and found a private room 2 and a half miles away from the gates of Windsors Legoland where I would meet my sister and family.  Luckily I had an $80 travel credit so the total out of pocket was only $25 for the 2 nights.  

My sister scored free tickets by collecting tokens in the Sun newspaper which is what gave birth to this leg of the trip to begin with. I will be in the park with them on Monday and Tuesday and then had planned on exploring Windsor Castle and the surrounding areas on Wednesday before flying out of Heathrow.. to where, I didn’t know.  So I turned to skyscanner and typed it in.. Heathrow to Everywhere on the 16th … 

  But the cheapest and only under $100 flight out was to Croatia and it doubled my budget.  I typically attempt to travel somewhere new for about $30.. so I widened my search.. London to Everywhere on the 18th … 

Now Menorca looks nice! Tempting even tho it’s $66 but I’ve added Spain to my list already and I’m pretty sure that island looks like somewhere my girlfriend would want to be with me for.  

Venice is definetly on my list… but at $72 it would be impulsive of me to go there for that price.  So my next choice was to Google “buses from London” and it brought me to this cool site GoEuro.com which is scrolled to the bottom of and saw this …

 No.. not the We are hiring lol .. above that .. popular bus routes.  Chances are that if it’s popular it’s probably cheaper because the seats will fill. So I clicked on it. 

And then clicked on Buses in the United Kingdom.  Now here’s the tricky part everyone.. DON’T BE TRICKED INTO FILLING OUT THE SEARCH FIELDS! Use the scroll before doing that because once you fill it in, the website logs that you’re looking to travel and each search increases the prices.  DON’T BE DAZZLED BY THE PRETRY PICTURES.. keep scrolling and you’ll see this… 

A menu of buses from London.  Well after looking thru all the suggestions I found my cheapest route out of London… Brussels! For 23 euros I can take a bus to Belgium at 8am, but baring in mind that taking a bus overnight gives an extra day to explore London and a free place to sleep while I travel, I’m going to opt for the 29 euro ticket and arrive the following morning.

Now before I confirm this as my next destination I like to know where I will be sleeping, so I turn to airbnb to find a cheap place to stay.  Hopefully I’ll enter my dates on couchsurfing and find a host to show me the Belgian ropes, but it’s always good to have a backup plan! (After all, that’s how this article got started)

On airbnb I always always always change my filters to $10 to $20 per night and use the map to visually see where these places are in comparison to the airport or major city.  I prefer to stay on the outskirts as it’s typically cheaper all around.  Grocery stores are easier to find, and the people are usually native. For $13 per night how can I say no?

So 3 nights 4 days in Belgium will get me back on track with Tuesday flight prices! The last piece of the puzzle is making sure that getting out of Belgium won’t come with a hefty price tag…

Skyscanner, show me what you’ve got!

So now the only question is … where to after Belgium?

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