Laundry or La Louvre? 

Well, if you didn’t already know.. Tuesday is the best day to travel, especially if you are flying.  It’s the cheapest and it’s the day after Monday! 🙂

I’ve grown to love Tuesday travel more and more. Today has added one more reason to that list.  I am meeting my sister in Windsor England on Monday to share the experience of Legoland with my nephew LouisJ.  For those who have been following my travels for some time, you’ll know who he is! 

And for those who don’t… he’s this adorable chap right here!

On our car ride to Conwy Castle, Wales
This kid LOVES his aunt Storme! 

Okay so back to why I love Tuesday so much.  Usually on Monday I’ll start preparing to pack.  If I’ve accumulated any souvenirs I hit the post office.  Sunday is a typically closed day so it’s a good day to do laundry in preparation.. it just works.

Today is Saturday and I have tickets to skip the line for the Lourve.  What am I doing? Laundry!

 In Europe it is very very very common to stay at a place that has a washer but not a dryer. Most places have a line to peg your washing outside to dry, or over the radiators inside.. but today I am in a place where they hang their laundry in the living room 

 and it take a 2 days to dry not 1.. so I really have no choice but to get that done.. not to mention the post office is closed tomorrow and as I’ve treated myself to the 2 hour eurotrain from Paris to London as opposed to the 9 hour bus ride I took to get here.. I won’t have time Monday morning to do the post office thing. Don’t worry tho!  I’ve got my timbres for my carte postale!  

On a frugal note .. my stay at this airbnb was $220 for 12 nights.. doing laundry here 3 times has probably saved me about another $20 and at $1.49 each way into the city on public transportation, and a grocery store right next door to avoid eating at cafes restaurants and even those little “cheap” stands… it’s been well worth breaking the budget!

PS I have an extra stamped postcard so comment below if you’d like it (don’t share the address publicly tho) 

Well.. now that I’m done with my chores I say we make it a win win and head to the Louvre anyway! What do you say?


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