$65 flight USA to Ireland 

Must act fast .. scroll thru all months to find the $65 flight .. bring one carryon and taxes are included! 

Click here .. no joke 


3 thoughts on “$65 flight USA to Ireland 

  1. Look at you parading around the world. What happened to your mission trip? You are about as much a missionary as my one eyed cat and using your paypal money donated for your missions. Shame be upon you and you are not using that damn backpack for sure. You will pay for your misrepresentation####

    1. Ahh Merrill I see you are bored again.

      The mission trip was never supposed to commence until August 2nd. I forgive you tho. As for the money.. Its none of your concern but if you must know .. My income exceeded $7k in july while I’ve spent a mere $400 on my ‘parading around the world’

      I guess if I’m going to parade during gay pride month .. This would be the way to do it!

      As for mission work .. Last Saturday the learning center in Nepal was officially opened .. And the first floor of the family home has been constructed! Very exciting. Ill be sure to create a post especially for you. God Bless!