#MatthewNC #HurricaneMatthew

Dear North Carolina,

We want to help but we have zero connections in NC and thought maybe you could help us.  We are the Cajun Army .. a group of volunteers that came together during our flood in August and sent our personal boats out to do flood rescue (Cajun Navy). When the water resided we dispatched in groups to lighten the burden and love thy neighbor… which quickly grew into a movement that is still ongoing.

Cajun Army FB Page – 10k members and going strong

We now have experience strength and hope that can help flood victims move forward at a time when they don’t know where to turn.. or what to do first.

  • We understand FEMA (for the most part)
  • We have the tools to gut houses before black mold kicks in
  • We know the difference in the assistance offered.. Shelter At Home, FEMA, Transitional Shelter Assistance, DSNAP food stamps etc
  • We have learned how to collect resources and supplies, and distribute
  • We’ve learned how to come together as a village because it takes a village.. those who still have cars to become taxis for those without

The immediate help that is probably currently pitched under tents in church parking lots will quickly dry up as volunteers need to return to their own lives.  FEMA will move on as the media stops reporting… I would be willing to bet you had no idea we lost 144,000 homes in Louisiana in August.. that we have many tent cities, and almost 10,000 people stranded in motels across 9 states.. American refugees forgotten.  Help us help them, please.  We know this battle down to the last detail.




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