The first packages arrive

When you’re unpacking and airing your tent out and you come home to the boxes inside.. and the n ups and FedEx pull up for the ones outside… #stormesshelters is well under way .. thank you God for allowing me a chance to be outside when they got here so that I could communicate what’s going on directly to them and give them access to bring the packages inside for when I am camping in Louisiana. You’re always planning the parts I haven’t even thought to plan yet.  Sure decreases the stress. 💖

I pray that once I start sharing the stories right there from ground zero.. and the world can see that these donations are going directly to some seriously desperate situations in Louisiana.. that word will spread and the calvary will come.  

Two more neighborhoods will have a way to shower by tomorrow, without entering their mold infested homes.  My goal is take care of the needs that lead these families back into the mold .. and give them another option. 

If you’re moved to help from near or far.. please take a look at the wishlist.  Thank you!