Meeting a man on Craigslist

Thank you Universe! You always know. 

So this morning I set out to meet a man from Craigslist.. His ad boasting of everything I was looking for. I’m usually typically shy when I meet someone I don’t know… And despite all intention of breaking thru that.. It’s rare that it happens, and I leave fruitless.  

I pulled up into his driveway, and I could see he was ready.. Garage door open and the bed waiting there for me. Do I just walk in? Should I knock on the front door? I decided to ring the bell, and around he came from the side of the house.  
“Heeeyyy Roger!!!” I exclaimed, extending my hand.. “I’m Storme!” 
He shook my hand and invited me in. We talked for a little while, sharing travel and camping stories. I checked the bed out .. Comfy enough! I told him about my frugal travels and when I told him how little I spent in some of my endeavors he smiled .. “A woman after my own heart” .. The connection was there.. He told me he couldn’t go to Mississippi for that much. I told him that’s where I live, and he started talking about Cruising the Coast.. Our annual antique car week.. “Do you like old cars?” He asked.. Unveiling his 76 Mercury cougar in mint condition.. 

He had stickers for every cruising the coast in the last 17 years or so.. Talk about a match made in heaven! 

I showed him my Airbnb listing and invited him to cut his costs the next time he’s in town. It was a total win win for us both. Realizing he probably knows many mechanics and automobile enthusiasts in the Houston area, I asked if he knew anyone that would have the knowledge to work on food trucks, remembering that Courtney had just put that out there the day before. Yupp! He gave me the info and we started loading up the camping beds and Coleman oil lamps..  


Who would have thought I’d have so much to talk about from a random grandpa from Texas? His wife came to say hello and let him know he had a phone call and we parted ways. ❤️😊