I Want A Lady


Someone who knows when to smile and wave in her high heels and her sexy confident manicured “appearance”. 
Someone who can strip down all the way to her high heels and embrace how sexy she is when she gets home. 
I want a lady who is willing to explore expand and create in the various areas of her life, Independently, for herself.. And then share those experiences with me through communication as opposed to assuming I know. 
A lady who know mine. 
I want a lady who welcomes compliments as much as she gives them. A lady who knows how amazing she is, but still falls deeper when she hears you acknowledge those things too. 
I want a lady who is generous and caring. Who knows when to ask “are you ok” because she has taken the time to learn me. 
I want a lady with whom I feel safe. A lady who I can completely be myself with, and not need their acceptance, or approval, but know that they love me enough to go make those mistakes, and be there when I come back with a “you told me so” and I WANT to be able to tell you that “I told you so” because when said with love, it isn’t chastising. It’s seeing the one you love, go out there, follow their heart and learn for themselves. I want a lady who ISNT AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES!!!
I want a lady who is passionate about the things in her life. Whatever it is. A lady who is creating her world the way she wants it to look, feel and be lived. 
I want a happy lady, and these are the things that I have found to keep me happy.


2 thoughts on “I Want A Lady

  1. Thanks for posting. This means something to me because there was a time when I was looking for someone to share my life with, I had quite the list of traits I was interested in. The short version of this story is I came to realize We Attract What We Are. I discovered if I wanted someone with all these marvolous attributes, I would need to exhibit them as well. Being far from that list, I took off on a quest of self discovery and self improvement.
    Best wishes to you.

    1. thanks for sharing your experience! I am glad to hear you did that. I’ve actually been doing that for three years, and my list has certainly changed over time.. but it’s because i’ve loved what i truly love.. which is a cool place to come from