Meeting makers make it.. Even if it’s just you!

Tonight’s meeting was cancelled. I didn’t find out until I got here, and found no one. I called the number of been given at the last meeting and the lady told me that it was cancelled because of the monsoon outside. I almost didn’t come for the same reason, but I know I’ve driven thru this kinda weather to get to dollar general and buy a hoard of candy and chocolate.. and NA taught me that I have to chase my recovery like I chased the drug,.. Which means driving in monsoons to meetings!
  I’m so thankful for the peace I feel most of the time. I wasn’t even upset that no one was here. I thought about leaving, but what if another newcomer is on their way here.. Running late because of the rain? I decided to sit and take the quiet room to myself and read my OA book. Step Two. 
  Just as I started, a woman walked in. She thought it was Tuesday and I was here for the support group for Dr Balder. He’s a weight loss surgeon that I actually called and have been contemplating weight loss surgery with. We talked for a few minutes, and I found out that she is the office manager for the clinic. She took my information and invited me back to the support group tomorrow. Win win! 

  I’m feeling really motivated and confident today. I was prepared.. I had my dip that I made last night, and snacked on it thru the day while I stayed busy creating my art studio/mancave.. Then I stopped early enough to make chickpea burgers.. So I could eat and be full while out and about to the meeting and back. I don’t even remember seeing McDonald’s! 
  Tomorrow my guests leave so I’ll have the house to myself for a night.. Definitely time to celebrate.  
  Step Two’s first two pages just blow me away.. So I wanted to share them.. Maybe you guys might relate? I know that when I set a goal with others.. I have a greater chance of success because I’m the type of person that hates to admit defeat. Feedback welcome … Comment below .. I love you all! Everyone that reads and gives me feedback or cheers me on.. You guys rock! You keep me going.. And I’m so grateful for that!!!