$19 flight to Miami anyone? 


Me:”I wish flying within America was cheaper” – ✔️
The power of manifestation at work… 
While traveling Europe, hopping from country to country for $10-$20 a plane ride, I wished it was Iike this in America. Then I started wondering.. Why isn’t it like this in America? 
In Europe, has is about $6 a gallon.. Here in America it is now a buck fifty. What other excuses could there be but greed? I thought about a friend of mine that was training to become a flight attendant, and just how many times I’ve read about flight attendants lately. I wouldn’t mind being a flight attendant with the perks they get!  
Today that wish came true! Go ahead .. Click the link.. Put your departure airport and see where you can go.. Chicago to Miami for $19 anyone? Christmas has come early!

Flights to San Fransisco, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver and more .. Starting at $15
Don’t forget to follow my blog for all the latest frugal travel tips! If you’re departure city isn’t listed.. Check out skyscanner.net .. Frugal travels everyone! P1000618


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