“Erotic Novelist” – could that describe me one day?

I set my knife down,  walked across the kitchen to the counter where my phone was charging.  I wanted to see what my crush had said.  Her distinctive ringtone had never failed to halt whatever I was doing, no matter what it is, and now was no exception.  Her ringtone, popcorn, sounded again. It had my full attention.

“I can’t stop thinking about you” the text read.  I  smiled.  Smitten, I was curious to know what she was actually thinking about.

“Really now? And prey tell what exactly it is that you are thinking about?”

I waited patiently for the response, debating whether I should resume my activities.  Just as I picked the knife back up, popcorn… a picture message notification sat on my lockscreen.  Slide to the right, and there she was.  Holy Fuck!  The look in her eyes said “I want you”.  Her slightly bitten lip and a breathe I imagined was mid inhale as she snapped the selfie turned me on instantly.  Wow! She was dressed with sophistication. Her makeup had way more thought in it than a “I’m running to the store” or “grabbing a drink” .. no… she was either doing something professional, or going somewhere elegant and planned.  I smiled at the thought of her being aroused, craving me while around a bunch of suits.

“So fucking sexy.. that half bitten lip looks delicious on you.  Where are you?” I wrote back.  Now I really didn’t want to pick my knife back up.  My mind started running wild with the possibilities.  Was she at a business meeting? Was she on break? Could she find a place to touch herself, pleasure herself while I tell her what the site of that picture makes me feel, and wanna do to her? I wonder if she brought any toys? If they only knew all the kinky things that took part on their corporate lunch breaks. Lol  Popcorn

“We are heading to our next location.  I wanted you to know I miss you, and I can’t stop thinking about last night.”

The images of our role play the night before flashed thru my mind.  Damn we are hot.

“Are you riding with anyone?” I quickly responded, realizing that time was already ticking. If there was any chance, it was on a timer; which worked for me, because I was really supposed to be cooking.  I washed my hands, and went into the bedroom to lay down. Either way I was already aroused. “No” she wrote back, with another selfie.  The rays of sun shon through her sunroof creating a halo around her angelic head.  I wanted to study the picture longer, but I’d do that later.

“So you won’t mind if I tell you how fuckable you look right now then?” I wrote back.. beginning to follow it up.   “I thought you were going to say you are on lunch-break, and my mind ran away with me.  I imagined commanding you to the bathroom, so that you could literally get off while I described what I’d do if I were there.  Before I knew it, you were already pushed up against the wall, my hand slid between your thighs, and breathless.”  Send

“Face to face.. my stare into your eyes, telling you to be quiet, quickly turns into, “I am so fucking hot for you”.  The attracting force of our kiss, coming together like magnets, and getting lost so much deeper than skin on skin.  Your hand jolting for mine as you feel sensitive.  My left hand blocking it, pushing it back up onto the wall..”

I click send, so that she can join me in my fantasy, and continue describing it as it unfolds in my mind.  We are together, I can feel her.

“… and slowly sliding down your arm, getting lighter with touch into an almost tickle that heightens every sense of you. “ I clicked send again.. I couldn’t keep her hanging.  This was a good resting point where her imagination could carry her thru my next descriptive.

I wondered where she would take it from there.  Where did her mind run to?  If she had the time to sit and intimately describe every moment of what this encounter felt like for her, what she wanted… I breathed in, intoxicated with the possibilities.. feeling the euphoric state of lust surround me, pulled the covers back over and continued to unfold the passion of the moment..

“You feel my fingers pressed up against your tights, blocking my entry.  The frustration pulsates in my clit as I know we don’t have time to change that.  No fuck that!  I tare a hole.. ”

“and then pull back off of you .. looking at you… taking in every pixel of what “you in complete submission” looks like.. all the firm lines of control and power smudged and erased by my presence. Your clothes wrinkled.  Your makeup smeared.. fuck you look hot…” I hit send.

“Mmmmmmm” comes thru in response.  I know she can’t drive, pleasure herself, and text so I continue, feeling so turned on at the thought of how I just completely infiltrated her day.. made her heart beat.. and her body feel alive.  That’s so fucking sexy.  Knowing how bad she probably wants to drive home right now, but can’t!!!  It’ll be early to bed tonight.  No TV.. just home, showered.. changed and bed.. maybe she’ll let me join her in the shower..

I realize my mind is running faster than I can type… I check the time.. it’s been about 30 minutes.. they can’t be far from their next stop.. time to leave her begging for me.. until she gets home…

“and only getting hotter as your body language turns into “Fuck me” with those lightly begging eyes.. I see you begin to land back into your surroundings..

the bathroom.. lunch-break.. your “fuck me hard” face fades into.. “oh shit did any of my coworkers come in here?” face.. and i smirk..” send.

“Sorry baby, that’s all you get for now.. I need to leave you time to recompose yourself.  I don’t want you transmitting “horny” to the rest of the world.  Those waves are mine.. ”

“Fuck Me! I can feel my clit throbbing.. you’re so naughty!!!”  I get back.  I smile.  She loves it.  I imagine how wet she probably is, and how she’ll have to excuse herself when she gets where she is going.  How she’ll smile as she enters the bathroom and replay the scene I’ve just descriptively laid out for her; her clit thumping again. Her mind questioning if she has long enough to quickly finish.

“Be careful cuming home” I write, laughing to myself. “I love you XOXO”

“You’re so wrong for that.  My kinda wrong XOXO” she signs off.

I reorient to my own surroundings.  I was cooking.  Cutting the veggies.  I lay back in the bed and continue to play out the fantasy, touching myself I imagine making hot passionate love to her right there on her lunch break.   I make it half way down her body, my tongue massaging her clit.  Her hands pressing my face closer.  She whimpers, incapable of keeping quiet.  I feel myself getting closer and imagine the vibrations of her moans on me.  The sound of her arousal as she makes love to me, her tongue.. her body..

My finger glides as I enter into autopilot, targeting the heightened stimulation and circulating until my clit can’t get any harder.  I feel my body release, and move involuntarily, grinding, surfing the waves of my orgasm and then coming in for the landing.  Fuck! I exhale.. holy fuck. How does she do that to me? I look back at the selfies that triggered it all… taking my time to really study this time.. falling deeper in love with every feature.  My heart feels full. “Earned It” comes on Pandora.

“Hello Universe.. Yes, yes I know.  I need to write this shit down”


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