Mindfulness – Safe Scene – Grounding from Panic


Look at this picture.. Describe this picture.. For 60 seconds.. Allow yourself to really look at this picture..

What did you see? Did you see the deep rich orange connecting with the horizon.. Faultlesssly… If you’re grounded.. You’ll have noticed that there are 3 S’s in that word.. (If you didn’t, then skip down) And you can get up and do whatever it was that you were trying to do before panic set in.


did you see the orange fade into yellow.. And into white as the Suns outer rays of light begin the process of lighting our day? Did you see the size of the sun? Nighttime is just its shadow.. Did you see the Suns shadow in the picture?

Did you see the water? The still perfect mirror reflection of the glorious sunrise, zig zagging thru the sand… There.. Still in the Suns shadow lies the sand.  You can’t see it, but it’s there.  Trillions of tiny grains of sand… Did you see them?

Did you see the crescent moon, and the North Star?  Did you see how defined they look in this picture, taken by an iPhone… Amazing!  Did you stop and look at the moon long enough to see how little of it is receiving light.. And wonder… how long a day must be on the moon? Did you see the earths’ shadow?  Did you see everything else, around the picture.. Everything that this tiny little lens couldn’t fit in… Can you see it? Can you stay still, long enough, breathe deep enough… And see … The oceans.. The mountains.. The towns.. The people.. The lives.. The ideas… The love…


As always.. thank you for checking out my blog.  My goal is to document as much as I can about what has worked for me, in the moment.. and share these tools with the world… No one needs to suffer from PTSD, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Dissociation, Flashbacks, Depression, Isolation.. etc etc… It’s been 3 years, this week, since I was first introduced to these tools… it takes daily practice, lots of self talk, and brutal honesty.. but it’s possible!