Unusual Frames

So while I was reading The Power yesterday, it asked me to use the law of love.. the law of attraction to attract something uncommon… as proof that it really works.. To be honest, I could already see so many examples of how the law of attraction has worked in my life before I ever knew that I was practicing it…
but after some thought I decided I would LOVE some unusual frames… for my new pictures for my walls.. something different. Last night I saw a photo frame at walmart that looked like it was made out of bones.. another one was made from rope.. pretty cool actually but at $12 for a 6×4 they’re out of my budget .. In that thought I stopped giving love and gave my energy to the financial aspect of the frames I loved into my life.. as soon as i stopped loving the unusual frame, i rejected it for its’ pricetag.. not loving it into my life unconditionally.. When I got to the checkout, my brand new bank card, that had just arrived that day to replace the one that was cancelled yesterday… it worked for the first swipe, and then declined for the second one. I felt so angry that I had to deal with this issue for a second day.img_1814
I took a breathe, calmed down and apologized to the lady on the phone.. letting her know that I know none of this was her personal fault.. that I was over reacting. I still felt I had the right to be angry about the situation.. so I asked myself “what do I love?” I love that there isn’t a line of people waiting to check out, so it will be quick and painless once the card works. I love that I am home, and not in europe, so that I was home to receive my card. I love that they were able to mail a replacement within 24 hours. I love that I live in a country where all of this is even possible. I love that I have money in the bank to spend! That I have my car to get back and forth easily to take care of what I am trying to take care in these days. Finding a post office with public transport can be a challenge in some countries. I am truly blessed that this issue is so small. It’s nothing.. it’s a 15 minute phone call of questions which protect ME! This is a BLESSING. This is how they protect my finances from fraudulent activity, and keep my bank fees low, actually non existent. I don’t even pay bank fees, so they’re taking care of my money for free!!! Making it possible for me to travel with a card that works worldwide, and the Universe found it fitting for the last card to be canceled now, on the one week of two weeks that I am actually home, and wasn’t originally meant to be. The program was launched in November. I really do LOVE how this all played out. I love Chase. It’s why I stay with them even though there isn’t one in the state that i live in… because they ROCK at what they do, and it works for me.. and for that … I AM THANKFUL and I LOVE YOU CHASE!!!!
This morning I woke up at 4:30am.. wide awake with a picture in my mind .. a painting .. a back wash of pastels and a soild outline frame of an apple … inside a silhouette of NYC .. the big apple.. and I jumped up to paint it.. IDK why I need to paint that .. but I loved what it looked like, and I need to record it before it fades from my mind..
As I put Pandora on.. a song came on.. Broken Frame.. The song hit home like right in my heart .. my electromagnetic field super charged, alive, well, and feeling…
So there’s my unusual frames… wasn’t how i imagined them.. but they came to me non the less.. The law of attraction at work… The law of LOVE..
Now to be careful about what it is I am attracting into my life.  This whole book hit home, for me.. the things I have been feeling, and thinking .. I didn’t realize how negative I was .. I should have because I have gained weight.. despite all of the walking around Europe that I did.. I gained 20lbs.. and my body does that whenever it feels stress.. it bulks up to be a bear and handle the problem.  I love that my body takes care of me.  I love that my animal brain isn’t superficial, and doesn’t care what I look like as long as I am safe.
Okay, so this section is the first area I want to create some waves of change.  Every country, city, magical new beautiful place that I found usually had couples walking around, hand in hand.. of course.. I mean what’s more dreamy than walking around the streets of europe with your lover?  That’s the American Dream! At least, that’s my American Dream.  I’m a hopeless romantic.. and I really wanna do all of those things that I’ve dreamed about.  I love, love, LOVE … Love.. I love it.  It’s the fuel to the fire inside of me.
There were moments when I’d see the couples, and I wouldn’t necessarily say I resented them .. well yea.. I did.. I resented the crap outta them!  I want that .. I’ve done all this work to have that dream come true .. feel those moments of a beautiful night sky.. hand in hand with the girl I love .. Of eating breakfast on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower in the distance.. across from her .. the one I love… and I’m here.. I’ve arrived .. I’M STANDING IN FRONT OF A VIOLINIST WHO IS PLAYING THE MOST ROMANTIC PIECE, STANDING IN THE ALLEYWAY OF A SIDE STREET IN ROME THAT LEADS OUT TO THE TRIVI FOUNTAIN!!!! I’m HERE!! Where are YOU???????   Yea.. that’s kinda more where my thoughts went… It was difficult to appreciate each amazing moment of my travels because instead of embracing everything that had been attracted to me.. I focused on the missing piece.. the piece I didn’t get.. and I felt sad, and alone.. and kinda, .. what’s the point.. just tired.. and ready to go home, because obviously proving that even this was possible.. and wasn’t just a fantasy… that what I am offering when I offer my heart, is a commitment … a commitment to do whatever it takes to make all our dreams come true .. to never get stuck on that hamster wheel of life.. to never get bored.. just existing our days away .. it’s a commitment to LIVE life.. to express the life that loving her breathes into my soul, and return it.  The law of attraction… the law of Love..  I love LOVE… and I am ready.  I am ready to love myself .. Again.. Because right now, I don’t… And it shows all over the place.  I’ve moved my love into travel.. And I’ve disconnected.. Isolated myself.. And become empty.. And angry.