Rome – The Gallery

Here’s some of my favorite shots I took while I was in Rome… I’ll be taking the best ten and editing them to really pop and be worthy of a space on my walls at home (my gallery) and then taking the best shot and painting it on canvas.  
Lemme know which your favorites are.. If you guys want prints of any of my paintings or photography.. Please let me know.. If it’s a specific one that isn’t already posted to, my online store front.. I can certainly send it there.  This is something I really want to grow in order to support my travels.  I don’t really want to be remembered for being an Airbnb tycoon.. Or even a travel.. I’m an artist.. Painting, photography, sharing the beauty that’s within our world .. That’s what ignites the fire within me..  So feel to share any of what I post.  

I appreciate the support!!! I give you Rome… 


I hope you’ve enjoyed it .. If you wanna see the other photography.. Click here and it’ll be a continued ongoing growing list… For videos make sure you connect with me on YouTube .. For unedited in the moment footage.. Add me on snapchat: cre8ivflame and lastly.. For as much experience, in the moment.. The good, bad, and the downright ugly .. Hit me up on Facebook.