NYC – from the airports

If you are heading to Hattan Hostel for a frugal $24 a night then you’re probably on a budget.. Transportation can seem overwhelming at first, and a taxi may seem easier.. But at $50-$70 it’s a rip off.. Here’s what you need to know 

Rule 1 – avoid Newark! Getting across the Hudson River is expensive no matter what transportation you use!

JFK Airport – when exiting the airport, follow the signs for AirTran.  It’ll bring you to a station where you’ll board a train to the subway.  Get off at Howard Beach Station. 

To exit, you will have to buy a metrocard.  I suggest buying the 7 day metrocard at this point.  It’s $31 for unlimited buses and subways for a week, and well worth it.  You will have to pay an additional $5 for the AirTran.  (MasterCard and Visa is accepted)

Follow the signs for the A train towards Manhattan.  (Blue line on the subway map)

On the bottom right you will see JFK .. The top left you will see 163rd and Amsterdam.  This is your stop! Off you get and walk 3 blocks south and 2 blocks west, and you’ll be at 160th and Riverside Dr.

On the second map, look at the red line.  That station is at 157th st and Broadway.. And is the best choice to take the subway down to a Times Square (42nd St) or Central Park starts at 59th St Colombus Circle.  The 1 train connects you to anywhere you’re looking to go within the city.  

Laguardia Airport:  when exiting your terminal you’re going to take the Q70 public bus to Jackson Heights, and then take the  E train (blue) to 42nd St, and transfer to the 1 train (red) up to 157th st. 

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