Breakdowns Bring More Angels


On my way back from the Keys, I decided to stop at Goodwill and see if they had any shorts in my new size. I’ve been holding onto the 44-46s still proud of them because they aren’t 52-54″ pants.. But they are officially too big now, and time for new. I made a commitment to celebrate my size drop with new clothes, and to switch the new out with the old.. Passing them on to someone who may need them. I only have enough room for a certain amount of clothes while traveling, and tho it is very warm down here, when I travel north again it will get cooler. I spent about an hour combing thru the men’s department, and was quite happy with my pickings. I found a really nice hoodie, and tried it on.. Thinking about the fall weather and the bonfire nights on the beach back home.. And wondered if this may one day be the hoodie that brings warmth to a girl.. The hoodie I’d never get back.  
Then I tried on the other things I’d found.. Shorts.. Two pairs of jeans size 38 and 40.. And another cute white shirt.. I’ve been digging the contrast of white against my tanned skin. (Us British folk don’t typically tan too well, so I’m enjoying the darker look on me) I found some new timberland shoes that felt really comfortable. $39.57 was my total.. A bargain! I left the store and returned to my car.. Displaying my purchases for my next “how to live frugal” blog piece.

I got in the car, and it wouldn’t start. It turned over and over but never started. Break down. My first break down of this road trip.. I took to the back seat and retrieved my tools.. Removed the terminals from the battery.. Cleaned away the corrosion, and tried again. Nothing.

Just then a car pulled up next to mine. My battery was now dead from repeatedly trying to start the car. I asked the man if he had any jumper cables (the one thing I forgot to pack from home, but was about to ride the bike 3 miles to get some) he did! We hooked it all up and attempted to start it.. Nothing.
We began problem solving, and he told me of several mechanics on Krome Ave not too far away. I’m not sure what he pulled into the shopping plaza for, but he left without it. He spent the next 3 hours driving me around from mechanic shop to parts place, to the car and back to the mechanic shops.

This area is predominantly Spanish speaking, and I have zero knowledge of Spanish. He held most of the conversations, and translated wherever we went. Above and beyond the call of duty, he called it his good deed for the day. Most good deeds don’t take three hours.. And I felt truly blessed. As we talked and got to know each other, we discovered we both lived in New York at the same time, and left after 9/11. Paul is a family man, married with three daughters that he cares for very much. He gave me his number, and told me if I needed anything not to hesitate to call. We located a motel, and the police station, in case I needed assistance. He seemed to feel a little uneasy about me staying I this part of town alone.
Next stop was Firestone. They listened to what seemed I be the problem and said it was the battery. We brought a new battery to the car, hooked it up, still wouldn’t start, and just then the two truck showed up.

After being looked at by a mechanic, it turned out it isn’t the battery, or the starter, but the car jumped timing, and it would be an estimated $1500-$1800 to fix it. At this, I did what every girl would do… I called my dad. Feeling a little defeated because my whole goal on this trip is to prove to dad that I am healthy, and able to travel and take care of myself.. And so far I’ve been non stop sick, and now stuck in homestead, Florida.. I surrendered to the powerlessness of the situation.. And accepted his help.
Paul and I parted ways after exchanging Facebook information 🙂 and I am happy that I made a new friend.. A new angel in the flesh.

Thank you Paul!!!