$11 flight to Italy? Si!

My travel plans have pretty much been dictated by where Ryanair flys to, for the cheapest, from wherever I currently am.  From Malta that ended up being Bari, Italy! Perfect, because I got to add another sea to my list.  I was a little nervous about the cost effectiveness of this hop over.. the flight was cheap enough at 10€ but the transfer to the city, and a place to stay was looking a little costly to say I would actually only be there for a day.. but it worked out.  I was sent a couchsurfing offer from KJ May, who was kind enough to let me be her first guest on couchsurfing.  She had a mattress in her room where I could get some much needed sleep, as my flight landed around 11pm, and she gave me the best way to get to the apartment using public transport.  Unfortunately I misunderstood that I was to take a train from the airport and then a taxi to the apartment.. she had said 10€ for the taxi, but I thought that that was from the airport, so I immeadiately began haggling the 35 € that the taxi driver asked for.  I talked him down to 20€ only to be dropped off 2 miles from the apartment.  Landing in a new country in the middle of the night, and having no idea where I was or should’ve been.. it wasn’t the best situation to find myself in.  Fortunately we have GPS nowadays, and I was able to map my walk… sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

KJ recommended some places to check out while I was in town, and from the list I chose to take a train to Alberobello… check it out!

The roundtrip train was 9€ .. i spent 2€ on a gelato.. because you just have to! 1€ for the public bathroom…

Breakfast was provided for by my host… and a yummy omelet and fruit smoothie it was too!  She also brought home the very first italian pizza that i would ever try in my life…ermagershhh … it was delicious!! I don’t think I could ever eat fake pizza again! 1.50€ for the train to the airport .. oh and postcards and winners souvenir for last weeks’ guess the cost competition .. 6€

Total out of pocket – 41.50€