$10 flights in Europe!

So there’s a bit of a buzz going on about Norwegian Airlines latest sale!! 10,000 flights from several destinations in the USA to several places in Europe.. But the deal is even sweeter if you know about some other airlines that only operate within Europe!

Getting to Europe is the costly part, and Norwegian has done an amazing job at cutting that cost.. But once you’re in Europe.. Where do you stay? How do you move around? Is it affordable to see more than one country? Yes!!! See them all!!

Easyjet had an amazing section on their website called “inspire me” which literally lets you visually see the places on the map with a price point.  Here is an example of all destinations you can fly to from London for $40 as an example.  This feature makes hopping around Europe a breeze!

If $40 is too much, check out Ryanair!  I’ve booked flights to Malta, Italy, Rome, Ireland, Norway and Morocco using Ryanair, never paying more than $40 round trip.  Flying on Tuesdays is key, and be willing to take the late flights.  Just be mindful of how you are getting from the airport to your place to sleep if it is a late flight… Some cities do sleep! Here is an example of flights from Oslo (if you’re taking Norwegian into Europe, Oslo is the cheapest place to land because it’s Norway) to several European cities for $10!!!

Finding places to sleep is typically easy.. Hostelworld is a great app, as well as Airbnb and couchsurfing.  Feel free to add me on those 😉  Storme Hannan

I’m always traveling and posting deals as I find them on Facebook so feel free to add me there too.. And for the true traveler I may have a bed for you in NYC or the gulf coast of Mississippi!
Happy and safe travels everyone!