A free week in Ireland!

Today I am heading to Ireland.  I’m sitting in the airport at Manchester waiting for the gate to open.  Originally I had booked a reservation at Isaacs hostel for all 5 nights.. $12 a night, can’t really beat it for lodging.. But since I’ve found a car rental for $35 for the 5 days.. And I’ve been offered a place to stay in Dublin on my first two nights via couchsurfing, I’d say it’s a chance to see as much of Ireland as I can, and not just Dublin.  As a recovering alcoholic, Guinness really isn’t appealing to me, and though I definitely want to spend a couple of hours in Dublin, looking around and taking some pictures.. I think I’ll find a greater sense of fulfillment in the rolling hills and countryside that I’ve seen on the tv.  I’m a tourist after all 🙂 so while sitting here I’ve looked up some of the places my couchsurfing host has suggested and I have to say.. It looks quite beautiful on the north and northwest coast of Northern Ireland.  Giants Causeway was already on my radar.. And it doesn’t look too far to get over to some of the other suggestions.  I’ve canceled isaacs hostel which will cost me a wasted $12 but given that I’ll have two nights free.. That leaves me at a savings of $12.. I’ve now found a place to stay for $20 a night in Northern Ireland, so lodging will not be $72 with the wasted $12 for 5 nights .. $30 for the round trip flights, and $35 for the car rental.. Total so far.. $137 .. Plus gas is expensive over here, so I’m sure that will run the bill up compared to using public transportation in and around Dublin.. I’ll save on the fact I don’t drink.. And let the car drink instead 😉  there’s a kitchen to cook, so I can make my own sandwiches etc instead of eating at restaurants .. I estimate that this 5 days in Ireland will cost me about $220 – $250 everything included.. Luckily, I have  my house rented out in Mississippi this week which brought in $287 between the two rooms.. So all in all I should profit by spending a week in Ireland .. Mission accomplished. 

Gate opens in 10 minutes!