Welcome To Norway

Welcome to Norway 

 Omgosh it’s beautiful.. It was beautiful before I even got off the plane, and now I am on the bus and it is even more beautiful! So many rocks with waterfalls falling down them.. The bus is going thru tunnel after tunnel, thru the mountainous terrain. 

   The sun seems to shine brighter, and everything looks so vibrant and warm. The houses are few and far between, among fields. It feels like there is a lot of hard work here. I can’t believe I am actually riding thru Norway .. Just three months ago I was nervous about traveling to Chicago, NYC and DC without a car, relying only on public transportation, and now I am in Norway! So this is what happens when I stop making plans.  

I love watching the scenery go by.. The anticipation of a break where the mountains and valleys in the distance can be seen.. Across the water.. I wonder what water that is.. My service won’t allow me to find out because we are inside another tunnel. I’m pretty sure we are driving up the coast. Oslo is on the coast, an hour and a half from the airport. We will be driving up and around, and I can hardly wait to have my camera in my hand to record all of this. The immediate landscape reminds me of driving thru northern Georgia and Tennessee.. There’s just so much to see in the world. The thought of what I am about to learn and experience.. It makes me realize just how ignorant I am. As much as I know about life, is nothing.. It’s microscopic compared to what is out there in OUR world. Soooo much … We need each individual person and their microscopic grain of knowledge, to fill up the beaches of our collective worldly knowing. It’s impossible for anyone to “know best” even when we put 200 MPs into a room and have them debate and then vote on the future of millions of lives miles and miles away.. Sigh
These views are too beautiful to be missing…

I can feel my smile as I see bits of powdered snow on the ground .. We must be higher up .. Pinch me! 

Day One to be continued..