Dear Mr President


Dear Mr President,
Please PLEASE help me understand. I admit that I am just another ignorant American civilian, too consumed with the relationship status updates of my Facebook newsfeed, and whether Justin Bieber or Adele is number one on the charts. If it hadn’t been for my friends, worrying about my welfare as I traveled to Europe, and was supposed to be in Paris the night off the attacks, I most likely wouldn’t have tuned in to the recent world events; but I DID!
In doing so, I have learned about the 1/4 million refugees that have been killed since the civil war broke out in Syria. I have read multiple of articles about so many other attacks in various countries, that for some reason, didn’t make such a splash on our tabloids. I have seen France retaliate with air strikes and the United States join them. I have watched YOU, Sir, stand next to the French leaders, and discuss the environmental issues facing our planet, owning the USA’s part in the carbon footprint of our generation, and committing to be part of the solution. I found that amusing as I’ve witnessed the progress in the UK. 80% of the garbage in Northwich is recycled. It is broken down into groups; hard plastics, glass, cardboard, small appliances, TVs, large appliances, soft plastics, scrap metal etc Each house has a container to deposit their leftover scraps of food that is picked up to feed the pigs, or make compost. My house in Mississippi does not even have recycling. Why are you pretending that we care?
  I find it despicable that you are hiding behind the environmental causes. Your newsfeed shows nothing of the vote that took places toon of it in the UK today,.. A very crucial vote to extend airs strikes into Syria. No mention.  

What are you hiding Mr President? 

We, the people, deserve the truth.  What are we really sending our loved ones into war for?  Now that the USA, France and Britain are bombing Syria, what’s next? ISIS was obviously in Paris and Belgium a month ago, bombing civilians in retaliation of the bombs already dropped. Lee Rigby was murdered in the streets of London.  The attackers apologized for the women that had to witness the beheading, but wanted the western world to understand, their people watch their loved ones die every day.  Please tell me again how bombing Syria some more will move us towards world peace.  What about the military allience of Syria and Russia.  Isn’t anyone else worried about that sleeping giant? Seriously.. What’s next? 


Gypsy Feet