$10 flights in Europe!


So there’s a bit of a buzz going on about Norwegian Airlines latest sale!! 10,000 flights from several destinations in the USA to several places in Europe.. But the deal is even sweeter if you know about some other airlines that only operate within Europe!

Getting to Europe is the costly part, and Norwegian has done an amazing job at cutting that cost.. But once you’re in Europe.. Where do you stay? How do you move around? Is it affordable to see more than one country? Yes!!! See them all!!

Easyjet had an amazing section on their website called “inspire me” which literally lets you visually see the places on the map with a price point.  Here is an example of all destinations you can fly to from London for $40 as an example.  This feature makes hopping around Europe a breeze!

If $40 is too much, check out Ryanair!  I’ve booked flights to Malta, Italy, Rome, Ireland, Norway and Morocco using Ryanair, never paying more than $40 round trip.  Flying on Tuesdays is key, and be willing to take the late flights.  Just be mindful of how you are getting from the airport to your place to sleep if it is a late flight… Some cities do sleep! Here is an example of flights from Oslo (if you’re taking Norwegian into Europe, Oslo is the cheapest place to land because it’s Norway) to several European cities for $10!!!

Finding places to sleep is typically easy.. Hostelworld is a great app, as well as Airbnb and couchsurfing.  Feel free to add me on those 😉  Storme Hannan

I’m always traveling and posting deals as I find them on Facebook so feel free to add me there too.. And for the true traveler I may have a bed for you in NYC or the gulf coast of Mississippi!
Happy and safe travels everyone!


No such thing as a stranger 


Once upon a time, there lived a teacher in the country of Nepal. This teacher dedicated his life to not only teaching his students, but to feeding and clothing his students, using many creative ways. Now this teacher had a fight of his own. He was fighting cancer, and secretly dreamed of traveling the world.  
  In April 2015, a monster of an earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.8, came and destroyed much of Nepal.. Three weeks later another with a magnitude of 7.3 struck, killing 100s of people. This teacher stepped forward to help in any way that he could, bringing awareness to the devastation going on in his home.  
  While fighting cancer myself, I started planning my own travels, and posted in the nomad Facebook group for feedback, ideas, and generally read the articles posted by nomads before us. One particular day I shared about my battle with cancer, and how that inspired me to see the world! This teacher responded, sharing his experience, and asking about my cancer.. He let me know that he didn’t have much to offer due to the earthquake, but that I would be welcomed if I were to make it to Nepal.  
  This teacher has now scrimped together several currencies and gotten himself to Paris! He is an inspiration beyond words to me, and I am ecstatic to share with you that we will be meeting in person, in Rome, Italy!  
I’m a little nervous as I really don’t know this person, but my heart says he is a good man.  
I booked his flights this morning, and I’m excited.. I am a writer and I can only imagine this finale to an amazing story on Facebook travel groups bringing people together.  

Am I Ready for Love?



Well I’ve been having panic attacks and dizzy spells for the last ten days now. I’ve seen the doctor and gotten meds but they don’t seem to be helping too much.. Not sure what it is, but I sure feel stressed. I’ve been starting to feel homesick also. I’ve been away from home for 10 weeks now which is three times longer than any trip I’ve taken before. While I’m enjoying traveling and being with my family.. I haven’t had a grounding for a while, and I think it’s starting to play out in the form of panic attacks. They feel different tho. I’ve never felt dizzy like this before.  

The other part is that I am feeling the missing part of having someone to actually share it all with.. I know.. I sound like a broken record, but it’s true. No matter how many pictures and videos I post, it’s not the same as having that person to witness everything with me. I will be home February 10th tho for a week, so there’s a date in sight. I’ll also be home for Valentine’s Day.. My three year anniversary of being single. I didn’t think I’d manage to stay single for a year when my last major relationship ended.. But here I am three years later and probably pickier than ever. It’s true what they wrote about in those blogs. The longer I am single, the less willing I am to hand over half my life to another person, and share and compromise.. Have someone else’s feelings to consider when making decisions. It’s not that I am selfish.. I’d give anything to anyone .. But it’s best all around that I don’t give my heart away unless it’s to s place that feels completely compatible. It’s not the end of the world if I stay single.. In fact, it’s opened the door to the world.. It’s opened the door to a place where I can get to know myself, and figure out what it is that I want my life to look like.. And what qualities I’m attracted to. There are so many stereotypes in the world of being gay, but there are also stereotypes within the gay community.. And for me, it was always good enough that I was a woman dating a woman. I’ve always been a bit of a Tom boy, so naturally I looked for a feminine partner, because after all.. The easiest way to fly under the radar is to have one butch and one feminine woman to create the Hetero homo partnership. A top and a bottom. You should’ve seen the looks I got, when I dated another tomboy, from within our “equal rights” community. It was deemed as “weird”… But when you think about it,.. Who would be more compatible than another tomboy? Wouldn’t that be a sign that self love is in play.. To seek a partner that’s somewhat like self? 

  I know that I don’t know much about makeup, dresses, heels, hair.. Unless it’s sculpting wax .. I like to hang out with the “guys” and I hate gossip.. I like sports, and sappy romance movies.. Love to cook.. And maintain a home I can be proud of, regardless how big or small it is.. I’m independent and can wear the pants, but I love a good snuggle, a bunch of flowers and to be called beautiful. I can build a good bonfire, and run a bubble bath.. Pull parts from the junk yard and fix a car.. I love to go shopping, and give gifts.. Plant surprises, and fall in love with life itself.. I’m passionate.. And compassionate. I love to love.. More than anything in life, I love to love and be loved… I’d be my perfect mate.. And now that I know what that looks like, I know what I’m looking for.. What I deserve.. And what I won’t settle for less than… True two way love.. Of self and each other.  Yes.. I am ready.. The door is wide open. All labels are expired.

I’m kinda excited to start this next chapter.  

Ireland for under $150


So long Ireland! Til we meet again. I have to say that is the best

$30 flights

$35 car

$80 insurance – sneaky

$150 cash –

$8 soup and sandwich

$50 gas

$7 seafood chowder

$10 giants causeway

$10 soup and sandwich

$18 groceries

$15 stamps and postcards

$4 chips and gravy

$24 tolls and parking

$42 lodging
Total – $337

That was the best $337 I’ve spent in a week for a while .. The car was a luxury .. And $189 of that total.. But without the car..IMG_7453 Less than $150 for everything that I saw, experienced, and captured the moment of, I’d say it was well worth it. .. 5 days.. $67.40 per day.. So if that was a month.. $2000 .. Maybe a little expensive for my budget. At home my bills are about $1600 a month for car, house, phone utilities Etc.. But then thT isn’t including gas and food so it’s about the same.
So what exactly did I experience? Well many of you follow the travels moment by moment on Facebook, so you already know.. But for those of you who don’t .. You should! Lol here you go..
I landed in Dublin, and picked up my little Volkswagen Up.. A word of warning; if you hire a car at Dublin airport, be prepared to drive a manual on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car .. Luckily I have experience with stick shift .. But it is weird turning into a street and having to remember which side to turn into. In addition, the pedals are in the same position as American stick shift cars .. The accelerator is on the right, the clutch on the left.. The gears are the same positions also .. First is up to the left, reverse is down to the right, but you may need to press down on it to get it into reverse. Ok, so moving along.. When I reserved the car, it was €7 a day.. €35 but when I got there they wanted me to take out additional coverage to cover the cost of the deductible – $1600 .. That was an additional $16 per day.. Or let them hold $1600 on a credit card.. I don’t have a credit card and I’m broke .. Hence the frugal travel lol so $80 it was. After driving around in a nearby park a little I was ready to embrace the city of Dublin. I walked around the beautiful Christ church cathedral and took some pictures of the river and the bridges. I’d been offered a couch to crash on in the city via couchsurfing, so my first two nights sleep was free.  DSC_0505

Anita was an amazing host! When I arrived, she welcomed me into her cozy apartment. She’d just finished cooking pumpkin spiced pasta but I wasn’t hungry. I’d stopped at a cafe and had some amazing potato and leak soup with a cheese and chutney sandwich. IMG_7458Note to self tho.. This was an additional $9 I could have saved.. But since financially I didn’t need to, I splurged on some all natural farm produce lunch. It wasn’t trust the lung tho.. The staff at the cafe was so friendly and helpful.. With their help I found my first castle.
So, Anita and I sat and talked for a little while about our travels. I was her first guest it turned out. She’d used couchsurfing to travel but hadn’t hosted before. Her couch was a futon that folded down, and the down comforter was so warm and comfortable… But it isn’t the couch or the price that is my favorite thing about couchsurfing .. It’s the experience! It’s getting on the bus with this new friend and being shown around Dublin.. The right pub to get authentic Gaelic music.. Not having to worry about what bus and what stops .. All of which take time to research. It’s exchanging travel tips of other places, and making a new friend that will probably stay in touch. Anita was leaving for NYC in two days, so I was able to give her tons of information that is learned on my time in New York. 🙂
We went to The Temple Bar and a see got to the door, a group of men were coming out .. The first one hugged me and kissed my cheek.. They had boarded the same plane as I, and were in front and behind me. We hung out there and met a couple from Denmark that we talked to for a while .. It was all so friendly.. I drank my water and they all drank Guinness.. It reminded me of PS – I LOVE YOU .. The part where they’re in the Irish bar and he’s singing lol the live music was great!

We got back to the house for 11p. Anita had work the next day and I was tired. I wanted to edit the pics id taken and get an early start for Wicklow mountains the next morning.. So we called it a night.

The next day I took 3 and a half hours to drive an hour drive because I kept stopping to take pictures and videos of all the amazing views. Seriously… No matter how many pictures and videos I show you, it can’t do the experience justice.. It’s just something you’ve gotta see for yourself!

Once I arrived in Glendalough, it was time to eat. I was fairly hungry, and there was a restaurant at the hotel in town. The price on the menu was in excess of £20 ($30) and although sitting having a posh roast dinner in the middle of a cute little Irish village would’ve been dreamy.. This is a frugal travel blog, so I found some sachets for a cup of soup, and a loaf of bread with dairylea cheese slices, and enjoyed one of my favorites; grilled cheese and tomato soup… Sucking down another bottle of water.
After lunch, I began hiking the trail that said it led to the lake. On the way, I came upon a cemetery.. A very old 13th century cemetery, that completely captured my attention. It had so much history, and the views of the land beyond from it was simply stunning! It reminded me of the perfect place to hide a letterbox, so I opened my letterboxing app and sure enough, there was a treasure hidden somewhere in this cemetery.

I spent hours following the clues and retracing steps, but never found the stamp. What I did find was some beautiful picture angles, and a red robin that seemed to hang out with me for at least two hours. She reminded me of the robin that would visit my grans house during breakfast as a child. The Robin seemed very tame, and I wondered if maybe it was my gran, helping me find the stamp.. Or attempting to. She’s always been very good at showing herself. It began to get dark, so I knew it was time to go. The roads are narrow, bumpy, windy, and dark..
By the time I arrived back at the apartment, it was dinner time. My host had already messaged me that she would be at her friends house celebrating a birthday, but had suggested checking out the Dublin spire as they were hosting a Star Wars party there. I hadn’t slept much and was pretty tired, but I wanted to see this once in a lifetime chance. I rested at the apartment for a couple of hours, working on a few pictures, and face timing with my bestie, Amber.

Dublin Spire was freaking awesome!!!!!

 They literally turned the spire into a light sabre. Storm troopers were hanging out, flying Irish flags, and people were lining the streets. I didn’t stay long, but I am sure glad that I went to see it.   
The next morning, I packed my backpack and hit the road towards The Giants’ Causeway! Parking in and around Dublin is quite expensive. It’s pay to park from 7a-midnight and at $3 an hour, it can add up quite quickly. Being up and out by 7am allowed me to bypass rush hour traffic, spend more time exploring, which ultimately turned out to be an amazing sunset over Dunluce Castle, and save money!!

Giants’ Causeway was so amazing, I’m writing it its’ own blog. If this is now a link, then click away, and experience it for yourself!

The sunset over Dunluce Castle was stunning. It’s the only sunset that I have actually seen since arriving in Europe. Thank you to those of you at home that tag me in the beautiful sunsets that I’ve been missing back there!

A two hour drive to Ballyliffin and I found my lodgings. Thanks to Airbnb, I found a hostel for $18 a night.. I happened to be the only guest registered during my stay, and enjoyed having the whole house to myself. The house was a short walk to the beach, and a 30 minute drive to Green Castle..

 There were plenty of things to look around and see on the northern tip of the Republic of Ireland, and I simply didn’t have enough time there. I still can’t believe all the things that I was able to see. Stunningly breathtaking.. And def want to return to Ireland for a longer stay at some point in the future.

Green Castle and its history can be seen by clicking here.
The last morning, I set out to find the castles, but due to losing my signal, I never actually made it to the Castles unfortunately.. But I did come across even more beautiful views than I had already found in my previous days in Ireland.


A five hour drive back to Dublin.. A refill of the gas tank ($50 in gas altogether) and I was back at the airport, heading back to England for the holidays.
So blessed!!!

A free week in Ireland!


Today I am heading to Ireland.  I’m sitting in the airport at Manchester waiting for the gate to open.  Originally I had booked a reservation at Isaacs hostel for all 5 nights.. $12 a night, can’t really beat it for lodging.. But since I’ve found a car rental for $35 for the 5 days.. And I’ve been offered a place to stay in Dublin on my first two nights via couchsurfing, I’d say it’s a chance to see as much of Ireland as I can, and not just Dublin.  As a recovering alcoholic, Guinness really isn’t appealing to me, and though I definitely want to spend a couple of hours in Dublin, looking around and taking some pictures.. I think I’ll find a greater sense of fulfillment in the rolling hills and countryside that I’ve seen on the tv.  I’m a tourist after all 🙂 so while sitting here I’ve looked up some of the places my couchsurfing host has suggested and I have to say.. It looks quite beautiful on the north and northwest coast of Northern Ireland.  Giants Causeway was already on my radar.. And it doesn’t look too far to get over to some of the other suggestions.  I’ve canceled isaacs hostel which will cost me a wasted $12 but given that I’ll have two nights free.. That leaves me at a savings of $12.. I’ve now found a place to stay for $20 a night in Northern Ireland, so lodging will not be $72 with the wasted $12 for 5 nights .. $30 for the round trip flights, and $35 for the car rental.. Total so far.. $137 .. Plus gas is expensive over here, so I’m sure that will run the bill up compared to using public transportation in and around Dublin.. I’ll save on the fact I don’t drink.. And let the car drink instead 😉  there’s a kitchen to cook, so I can make my own sandwiches etc instead of eating at restaurants .. I estimate that this 5 days in Ireland will cost me about $220 – $250 everything included.. Luckily, I have  my house rented out in Mississippi this week which brought in $287 between the two rooms.. So all in all I should profit by spending a week in Ireland .. Mission accomplished. 

Gate opens in 10 minutes!

I love my Student ID!


Twigs carved by the children and colored into Santa Claus

Today started out with a plan.  The plan was to see the sculpture garden, that I had a hard time figuring out how to get to using the public transport.  Definitely a language barrier there, and tho I “think” I found it on the map, I’m still not certain that it wasn’t something else with the name Froggenklein.  So after many failed attempts at mapping it, I set out blindly to the city center once more.   I figured I’d take a bus to the end of the line, and see what was there.. something that would hopefully give me some scenery to look at.. the 31 bus ended in what looked like a harbor.. good enough for me.

So I reach the city center, and find the correct platform from which I can board the bus.. as it approaches, it looks PACKED.. I’m talking wall to wall people, and tons of people at the platform waiting to get on.. I squish in and practically sit on someones lap as the guy behind me squishes me even further in than what I originally thought I could fit.  We’re like smashed sardines.. seriously.. it’s been a while since I have been that up close and personal.. so much for the blog that said to refrain from personal contact with Norwegians.  Apparently it isn’t welcomed, outside of a firm handshake of respect.  So people are chatting away with each other.. everyone looking pretty excited.  At this point I’m feeling the loneliness kick in, and wishing I had someone with me to share the moment.  It seemed like I was the only person by myself.  A moment later, two more people crammed onto the bus, sucking in their stomachs so that the door could close around them.. they stepped on the guy that was basically stood on top of me.. “sorry” he said.. and the guy responded “are you American?”

“yes” he said “we are from New York”
“Me too.. I’m from Alabama” At this point I decided to chip in too..

“that makes four of us, I live in Mississippi” We talked back and forth about how cheap it was to fly here.  The guy from Bama was staying with family, so he won “the cheapest vacation” discussion.. the two from New York said they had scored a roundtrip flight from NY to Norway for $300 – that’s even cheaper than what I came over here for.. I asked them if they knew where they were going, and they told me about an extravaganza going on at a museum on the line.. I assumed that was why this particular bus was so packed, and decided that that was where I was going today.  When I reached the admissions, I showed my student ID, taking my admission price from 120K down to 40K.  $5 to get into the museum for students.. they love their students.  Word to the frugal traveler coming behind me… MAKE SURE YOU BRING A STUDENT ID! I am SO glad that I did!  It turned out that not only was it an amazing outdoor museum of the houses used in Norway from the year 700 DSC_0339.jpgall the way thru until the present, but there was also a Christmas Faire going on where props were used to make it feel like the era in whichever section of the museum we were in.  Folkemuseum – Jordemarked.  Amazing experience.  I’ve been using that word a lot lately.. maybe I need to look for some synonyms!

The first section I walked thru had a teepee, and a mud hut next to each other.  I took a pic of the mud hut and posted it to facebook, asking if they liked my new airbnb… the funny part is that some people thought I was seriously staying inside the mud hut.. I kinda like that they would believe I would do that.. they know I’m just that adventurous, because I would.  I think it would make a great airbnb personally.. but maybe not in Norway in the Winter.  The teepee was too cute.. the smoke bellowing out of the top of it.  As I walked around, a man stepped out of the way of the entrance and told me that I had to try the coffee.  Inside, there was a fire burning with a pot of kaffe over it.  He told me that there was meat and cheese in the coffee.  It was black so I was hesitant to try it.. I like mine with a lot of milk and a little sugar.  I am caffeine sensitive, and didn’t wanna spark anxiety. I asked to take their picture, and then moved on.

The next section were wooden structures, built out of burnt looking wood.  I still haven’t figured out why the wood was all black and burnt, and need to google that, but I did look up the reason that there is grass growing on the roofs.. even on the modern houses up in the mountains that are presently in use.

Building on a rocky mountain foundation, there is movement from the gravity, and with the landscape change over time.  The sod on top of the roofs weighs about 250kg per cubic square meter.  The weight of the sod keeps the walls straight, and makes for a solid structure.


Twigs carved by the children and colored into Santa Claus

It also provides insulation.  Pretty cool!  In this section there were fires built with more coffee hanging over it.  Around the fires were haystacks with animal skins stretched over them for seating.  IMG_7017A man was serving the coffee to those taking a seat.  Two children in full ski onsies were eating toffee apples.  The children in Norway were so polite and well  behaved.  IMG_7095.JPGI don’t remember seeing any of them on any electronic devices the entire time I stayed in Oslo.  Some children played lifesize Jenga with wooden blocks, while other were carving tree twigs into points, and then coloring father Christmases onto the stubs.  I sat at on a haystack, the animal skin surprising me at just how warm it was.  The man handed me a coffee, poured thru the spout of the kettle that had evergreen in the spout as a filter. _DSC0379 The coffee was dark, and bitter.. a very distinctive taste.  It reminded me of the hot chocolate the night before, as neither drink tasted like what my memory of those drinks would’ve expected.  It was good tho!  I definitely didn’t need a lot.  As it hit my stomach I realized I was hungry, and got up, thanking the man for his hospitality, placing a tip in the box, and moved on to the next section.IMG_7166

This section had actual brick houses.  In the market square there were stalls with different foods.  I chose the bolle.  I’d seen sign for it from the moment i’d arrived in Norway 3 for 40K or 25K the further I seemed to be from the city center. I didn’t know what it was, but I can best describe this one as a cinnamon bun type thing, but I think in general they are different forms of bread rolls.  I know I know… I’m gaining a ton of weight on this journey because there is simply too many new foods to try.  As expected it was delicious.  It hit the spot while giving me time to stop and enjoy the Norwegian Brass band.


It was about 1:30p by this time, and I wanted to catch daylight pictures of the coast, so I left the museum, hopping on another bus to the end of the line.

There were a couple of museums there also, and I decided to go into the Maritime Museum.  Again, 40K for admission.  This museum was relatively small, showing the history of the boats in Norway.  Viking boats, and cruiseliners filled the displays.DSC_0455.jpg  I found it interesting to see the cargo that these huge monsters of ships held within them.  After looking around for a little while, it was time to take some picture of the coast .. not as exciting as I thought it would be.. it was overcast, so I didn’t get a sunset evening. DSC_0465-3.jpg Ironically I bumped into a man that had been on my flight the day before.  He had a backpack, and we had talked about cabin size luggage.  This trip was my first without Trek, whom I think I am going to rename to Takk.. it’s Norwegian for “thank you” and this is certainly a trip that I am thankful for.  \

Having a cabin sized bag with everything in it will save me $20 per flight, which is why I was considering mailing Takk back to America.  Traveling to Norway with a rolly wheeled cabin sized suitcase wasn’t the most convenient way I could’ve done the trip.  It’s frustrating to roll over cobblestones.  It gets heavy carrying it up 4 floors of stairs, and my apartment building didn’t have an elevator.  Even inside the airport there are stairs, and pulling the handle in and out over and over to go up and down, or waiting at the gate, and then moving it into the boarding area.. again when walking up the stairs of the plane… I def missed Takk.  I saw a few backpacks going on as carryon, Takk isn’t too far outside of RyanAir’s 55cmx40cmx20cm – I think we will manage to make it work, and I’d prefer having a backpack on than carrying that suitcase.  I am thankful that my sister had one that I could try out, before I bought one for myself.

The sky grew darker, and I boarded the bus back to the city center.  Hunger began to strike again and I decided to take the bus back to the apartment.  Across the street there was an indian restaurant – my favorite.. Dinner and a night of photo editing, coupled with some facetime with my bestie, Amber.. a perfect night!PIJF0579.png

London, Bournemouth and Christchurch



 Wow, it has been a while since I have written a blog. It’s been pretty non stop since the traveling started. November 11th I boarded a plane in NY to Gatwick airport in London, England. Pretty scary really, given that I only had a one way, one time passport that was taken from me at the UK Border. A lot of people think that this trip should be easy for me, but the truth of the matter is, when I left England I was 16. The only time that I have flown  international, and come back to England has been when my mother arranged and paid for it. My dad, or partner at the time, brought me to the airport, and family was waiting on the other side for my arrival. I had never counted on myself, solely, to navigate my way using public transportation. I’d never had to trust myself to make sure that I was okay, and would arrive where I needed to arrive, and needless to say, I was pretty nervous. All of this is really outside of my comfort zone.

Christchurch Priory

Luckily for me, I do have family in this country, and my first initial destination was to my Aunt’s house. In some ways, there was comfort in knowing that, and in others there was a different kind of fear. The last time I had seen my aunt was when I was 15. We’d had very limited contact even when we were in touch, and next to none for the last 20 years. My cousins are grown adults, and I knew almost nothing about my Uncle Paul. Being invited to stay with them in Christchurch was financially supportive of my traveling frugal blog, but emotionally, it was a risk that I really didn’t talk much about.


Hattan Hostel has been pretty successful so far, and I’m extremely grateful for all of Jackie’s hard work on site. The bookings in Mississippi have slowed down, I assume because it is winter time, but I did expect some traffic for snowbird season. The weather there is in the 70s.. maybe people aren’t sick of the cold yet. The price point is as low as it could possibly be, so at this point its time to turn it over to my higher power, and know that there is a reason for it to be vacant.

So far England has been amazing. Better than I anticipated. Spending a day in London was something I have done with my dad as a small child, but I don’t remember anything about it. This trip was with my cousin, and her first time sight seeing the city also. We woke up around 5am to catch a bus into Bournemouth from Christchurch. From Bournemouth we took a coach for 2 hours into the City of London, and began our rainy but fun day seeing the sights. I’ll write a specific guide to seeing London on a Dime once I have finished writing this overall update.

Altogether I stayed in the south of England for a week. I got to spend quality time with family, see London, spend a day at Durdle Door .. a BEAUTIFUL landscape of cliffs at the Southern end of England, and become acclimated to the British way of life.


The total out of pocket from NYC to the end of my first week in England, flight cost included is:

Flight – $286
Snacks for traveling – $7.25
England socket converter to charge my electronics – $10
Bus from London to Bournemouth – $22
Wok and Roll lunch – $6
Train fare from Bournemouth to Christchurch – $5
Breakfast before London – $4
Lodging with family was free
Food for the most part was free – we brought lunch and dinner with us to London and to Durdle Door
Return trip to London via coach – $35
Sight seeing hop on hop off bus tour of London – $45 (something I usually wouldn’t pay for, but given the rain, it was well worth the free bus rides to each attraction, and the free River Thames cruise that allowed me to get some amazing photos while having shelter to duck under.. not to mention the dry comedy of the boat guide)
Teatime – $4
Shopping for a scarf and hat – $12
Postcards and stamps – $20

Week 1 – $456 ($170 without the flight)

For all the best pictures, and in the moment updates of my travels, add me on Facebook 

Storme Hannan xoxo