Refugees are already in America – stop being brainwashed! 

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi

How can you know what that looks like if you haven’t seen the world? 
I came to Europe to put another ✔️ on my bucketlist next to backpack Europe, or at least that’s what I told myself and all of my friends. As the plan came together to actually make it happen, I felt the universe guiding me, and repeatedly saw the signs. The following blog will possibly sound borderline mentally unstable, possibly delusional, and will definitely keep me within the labels of “crazy” and “mentally ill”… But I am okay with that. I’ve learned to embrace and trust my intuitions, and have found that the more I own them, and talk about them, the better I feel and cope. I’m not alone.  
  When I allow myself to be quiet, still, and listen, it’s amazing what I hear. When I visited NY the first time this year, I posted the amazing tourist photos, and how to do everything for free. I visited the 9/11 memorial, and I sat for hours with visions of that day, flashes of hysteria. I felt the grief, and the sadness. I watched tourists take selfies, and pose as part of the NYFD sculptures, pretending to be a firefighter. The anger welled up inside of me at the lack of respect. I’m sure they have no idea what it was like for each and every person impacted directly by the events that took place on 9/11. As an empath, I absorb others emotions, and being in such an intense place, it was an experience I can’t quite put into words. I was in NY for 9/11 and had to move afterwards, because the energy was just too thick.  
  I moved to New Orleans, where 3 years later, Hurricane Katrina hit and caused complete devastation. Another war zone, this time with its own refugees. Again the energy was thick and almost unbearable, but an amazing transition happened as the New Orleans Saints won the division playoffs for the first time in their history. Returning from a year of exile due to the Superdome housing Katrina’s refugees, the Saints brought a light to the end of each weeks very hard exhausting week of rebuilding both workplaces and homes. New Orleans became united by the Bless You Boys and soon became the Who Dat nation. The energy became filling as opposed to depleting, and I stayed.  
  Recently, I took a trip to initially see Memphis. I’d repeatedly heard the word Memphis in conversations with friends, articles I’d read online, and tho it was the opposite side of where I wanted to see in Tennessee, I felt the universe was telling me to go to Memphis… For what? I had no idea. On that trip, I ended up seeing 13 states in 3 weeks. There wasn’t any particular plan. I learned a lot about camping, traveling at minimal costs, meeting new people with different cultures, and about Airbnb.. Something that would later prove to be vital in funding my future excursions. The Universe had provided me with tools for the next part of the plan.  
  In October I visited DC to attain a new British passport as I had lost my original. For years this had been the reason I didn’t visit home (England) and if I wanted to backpack Europe the following summer, I was going to need it. While in DC I visited a couple of museums. The first exhibit was “portraits” where I saw amazing paintings. One of them was Nelson Mandela, another was Maya Angelou. These are name that stick out to me as famous in the way I’d like to be famous one day. I also visited the holocaust museum, where I learned about genocide, I toured the story of Daniel, a name that repeatedly appears in my life, and speaks to me. By the end of the tour I was emotionally moved, and committed to NEVER letting that happen again. The next day, as fate would have it, I saw the German president on the steps to the Lincoln memorial. I was contacted on POF by a girl who was born in Germany, and when I asked in my photography group for suggestions on places to shoot pictures, the first response was Auschwitz. “I hear you universe” I remember thinking, and just like Memphis, I felt pulled towards going to Germany for a purpose. My higher powers will for me would most likely be revealed.  
  The next day was the embassy and tho I was unable to get the passport that day, across the street from the British embassy was a statue of Nelson Mandela. One man that made a significant difference in the world. As I continued to walk, I passed a statue of Ghandi, another man who made a significant difference. A feeling came over me, a certainty that I had the ability to make a difference.. That I wasn’t “just one person”.  
  A couple of days later I returned to New Orleans. I spent the night at my friends house, and before heading back to Mississippi I decided to have curry for lunch across the street. On the TV there was a celebration of Ghandi. They were dancing around his statue. I couldn’t understand the Indian language, but I knew it was Ghandi. I remember googling his birthday to see if that was it but it wasn’t. It was being broadcast from New York.  
  I now had a date of when I’d be able to get an emergency travel document to get into Europe. I had found an unheard of cheap flight into Paris, where Airbnb was hosting a worldwide convention that I wanted to attend. I’d found lodging for $80 for the week, and I was ready to push forward my summer goal of backpacking Europe.  
  As the time came closer to leaving, an article about migrants dying while trying to storm the channel tunnel from France to England came across my newsfeed. By this time I had booked my flight into London due to the price increase in the flight to Paris. I’d leave on 11/11, a number that always sticks out to me and now serves as the time of day that I reflect. I read the article and began researching about the immigrants and refugees fleeing Syria. While I was in Atlanta, getting my travel document, a close friend of mine asked me to be careful, sharing with me the latest news that riots were taking place in Germany in protest of allowing refugees in. It was at that moment I felt convinced that backpacking Europe wasn’t going to look like I had imagined it to look. Yes, I would sightsee, take pictures, see family, but there was a greater purpose going on.  
  Now that I am seeing the world, I have a clearer picture of the change I want to be. I see how closed off America keeps its people. I see the ignorance, tho no fault of their own. I see the sheep following the media wherever the money tells the media to lead them and it is sad. It is so sad for me to see.  
  Today’s news is about which states are refusing to allow refugees into their borders because the media chose to interrupt shows like Ellen, and let them know that Paris was attacked. No one stops to question why that particular story was shared. Why wasn’t the first attack on France this year shared? Why wasn’t the attack on Lebanon that killed over 200 people just two days earlier shared? An attack that killed many Syrian refugees, the same people America is being conditioned to fear. Why is it that David Cameron, the British prime minister felt safe enough to visit Syrian refugees in their tents, 2 days prior to the attacks on France, to find out what their needs are, but in America we are afraid if there is even one refugee behind state lines? I keep reading posts about taking care of our own first, and I agree!! Veterans should absolutely be taken care of.. But let’s be honest.. If we don’t allow refugees into the country, do we really believe the money will go to the veterans?  Fuck no.  

  Stop letting the government brainwash you with selective media broadcasting!!!  Get educated!!  If you wanna protect yourself, your loved ones, and your country, get to KNOW what the problem is!  This is genocide people! This time we are fucking Hitler and his army.  How do you think the citizens of Germany were trained to support Hitlers cause? The same way we are.  Selective information.  Our government gets our backs up, and we become ready to fight to protect ourselves, and we support them bombing the fuck out of Syria.  Why now? This war has been going on for your years.. Why did they wait so long? Yesterday France bombed “ISIS” and America joined them too and also bombed Syria.  The more the western countries bomb Syria, the more innocent civilians flee the country, and the more refugees are created.  The refugees flee to neighboring lands that have run out of resources, and are turning to the United Nations for help.  Countries like England are sending money to support the refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey, and other surrounding countries, so that they can provide resources and prevent them needing to move further into western European countries.  Germany has an alterior motive for allowing 800,000 refugees into its borders.  They have a decrease in population, and todays’ children will be tomorrow’s workforce andraxable income, not to mention the funding that is sent to help aid the refugees.