What a journey!

So I left Hattan Hostel at 7am on November 11th and arrived in London at 10am on November 12th..

 I then had a two hour bus ride to Bournemouth and a final 10 minute train ride to Christchurch where my cousin was waiting for me! I finally arrived at 5pm, just in time for tea! 🙂

The next day I spent the morning hanging out wit my Aunt and looking theu some old pictures of us as kids.. My parents wedding, which I have only ever seen one picture of, so that was pretty awesome.  My aunt seems really happy to have me, and wishes our family was better connected.  Andre is a sweetheart, and Alex.. Well I’ll pray For him, he seems a little lost.  

In the afternoon, Andre and Alex took me for a walk around town.  We saw the prior and the old town tower where the Normans were once stationed.  

  They showed me the stocks, and then we shopped for food so that we could bring our own lunch to London the next day.  A frugal family, that’s what I like to see 😊

As I was getting ready for bed, news broke out about Paris being under attack.  I am so thankful that the plane ticket went up or I would’ve been in Paris.  Thank you God.