Atlanta On A Dime


Well I have to say, Atlanta is a very friendly city! After being on a couple of buses from 8a until 6p from New Orleans to Atlanta (the downside of only spending $16) I departed the bus, grabbed my pack, and opened up my transit app. My previous trip to Chicago, NYC, and DC taught me to search my App Store for whatever the city name and “transit” to find an app that navigates me from wherever I am to wherever I am trying to go in a city, using public transportation. The cheapest way to travel is to buy the day passes.. I got a 4 day pass here for $20 which gives me unlimited travel for those four days via bus and trains. Of course, walking is also an option if I want to save even more than that. It’s about three miles from the greyhound terminal to the house.. About an hour walk, which I probably would’ve done on another day, but overcast skies and tired.. I decided to splurge on the public transportation. I’m guessing some people may laugh that I consider public transport splurging.. My goal is to spend as close to zero dollars as I can on this trip. The more I study what I can get for $20 in Europe.. The more valuable that $20 is to me.. Just this morning I found a flight from Malta (little island off the coast of Sicily) to Rome, Italy for $27… So you see.. Walking Atlanta would totally be worth saving the money for that flight! 

Anyway, the experience that I found in taking the bus was worth the money. While waiting for the bus, a man approached with a rather large walking stick.  

He asked to sit by me and began asking where I was heading. (My backpack is really good at giving it away that I’m not from here) We talked, and I found out he used to live in New Orleans. As we boarded the bus two women boarded behind us and joined in on the conversation as we took our seats. They asked if I knew where I was getting off, I was trying to figure that out while talking and listening.. So I told them and they all started discussing where would be best.. Let the driver know, and practically raced each other to pull the cord at the right time. With a pat on the back I was wished a safe trip, and sent on my way to walk the block to the house. They are soooo friendly here!

So I get to the house and feeling a little nervous. It’s my first couch surfing experience, and the guy hasn’t really messaged much in response to my messages besides the fact the staying with him would be ok. I knock on the door, and he yells “come in!” He shows me where to dump my bags.. Quick tour of the house and we just start talking like old friends about traveling and sobriety. I asked him to see his workshop downstairs as he makes furniture for a living.. 

Really cool furniture and sculptures.. Next thing I know his friend joins us and we are walking to a Korean taco place for dinner. I am typically anxious around people in general, so this was perfect. It didn’t really give me a chance to hibernate and find an excuse to keep to myself doing my own thing. I am so glad I didn’t. His friend is a flight attendant, and Tobin has traveled all over the place by the sounds of it. They gave me so much information about traveling.. Which is how I found the Malta flight this morning.. A wealth of knowledge, great food, and a safe sober environment! The calamari and sweet chili sauce tacos, and the eggplant tacos at TaKorea are phenomenal, as are the sesame seed saracha fries!

A great start to this adventure of a lifetime!

Breakfast in Nola $4

Bus to Atlanta $16

Transit card for 4 days $20

Dinner $10

Total – $50

Airbnb +$48
total out of pocket – $2



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