Hey what’s up!!! Who knew I had an “About Me” page just chillin there unoccupied..

Well.. my name is Storme.. yes that is my real name.. and I’m just another traveling blogger, making my way around the world, and writing about it as I go!  I guess this would be a good question to answer a couple of questions that I commonly get asked..

Where do I live? – Well, I have a house in a town called Pass Christian, Mississippi USA.. that’s where I go when I am taking a vacation from traveling 😉   It’s an amazing little town on the gulf coast, full of galleries, fishing boats, and friendly people!  I love it there! Exploring my town is what sparked my love for exploring.. I totally suggest you check it out on your travels, and hit me up on couchsurfing if you need a place to crash!

How do I afford to travel so much? – Rude much? lol joking .. it’s really a combination of things.  My goal is always to travel and completely experience a new place for under $200 a week.. flights and everything.. that’s why my blog is focused on frugal traveling.  $200 a week is actually less than it cost me to stay home, so I’m actually saving money by traveling!  To find out more about that, search “on a dime” and it’ll bring up all the examples of that that I’ve written so far.

To earn my $200 a month, I sell prints of my photography on society6.com/storme as well as prints of my paintings.  I’ve put my house on Airbnb  to generate some more funds, and cover the expenses of my home.  I write this blog, and used to write it on blogger .. there i had ads which generated income, but it was taken down and I am in the process of building my audience again here on WordPress.. so feel free to share, and help me build it! There are still some great articles on my old blog tho that i haven’t yet transfered .. Cre8ivFlame.com In addition to that, I’ve had support from a mystery shopping friend that would shop using my account to create some deposits. 🙂

Donations are always welcome on paypal! – cre8ivflame@gmail.com

What do I miss having while living out of a backpack?

That was a good question … My friends.. while facetime has made it possible to still see their faces, and feel like I am connected to home.. it’s not the same as being there.  I miss my extensive art supplies.. being able to put off until tomorrow what I can do today.. being on the road, each place has a limit of a week to see everything, so it’s a constant non stop go go go… I miss having more than 3 sets of clothes.. and my sneakers! I only have hiking boots.. I miss my Rufus.. he was the most amazing cat in the world, but passed away before I hit the road.. but I do miss being able to have a companion.. I miss being available to form a relationship that could actually go somewhere.. Crawfish! lol

How would I describe myself?

Blahhh… I’m never good at this one .. to write that would be to limit myself, and I am truly limitless.. I am sure if you read my blog tho, you’ll begin to get a sense of who I am!

Feel free to add me on Facebook also


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Tracy Cochran

    I love your about me page! And devour almost everything you write! But I cannot pass up the opportunity to say, I miss crawfish just about everyday I spend in Arkansas!!!! Ha. Happy travels my friend, until we meet again.

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  2. Tracy

    so I just got an update that some highly disrespectful person who probably lives everyday stuck in ignorance and unchecked angry emotions has left an offensive comment for my friend, Storme. I wanted to first tell Storme, who ever wrote that, obviously has some pretty huge issues on their part and I am so grateful that you are strong and full of light and love and that I pray you do not let even a drop of that hate touch you because you are beautiful and kind and loved! You are worthy and deserve respect and kindness just as everyone else deserves respect and kindness. As for the person who wrote it…..I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for you….you seem to be very emotionally unbalanced and have no tact or respect for others. I pray you get through whatever is making you act out with such hateful words and that you do not carry the huge amount of anger/emotional baggage everywhere with you in you daily life. Have a great day Storme and Anonymous, you both will be in my prayers.

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  3. Tracy

    “Emotional abusers use gaslighting as a way to convince you that your understanding of reality is false. When you suspect lies, infidelity, or other misbehavior, they will tell you those things aren’t actually happening. They will also blame you for noticing those things, using words like “crazy” or “sensitive” to invalidate your intuition. In the healing process, we work to validate our experiences and slowly learn to trust ourselves again. If we don’t trust ourselves, it becomes very difficult to trust others.”

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  4. Anonymous

    Merril, you will be in my prayers. It is very obvious there is a lot o darkness surrounding you. It is you who is choosing to engage Storme on HER personal page. So perhaps you could do us all a favor and stop with your hateful words. They have no power here and just makes me pity the agony that must be your life. If you do believe, then you would know that God is the only one who judges us, and I am saddened how delusional you are. Do us all a favor and stop. Just stop. Stop before you embarrass yourself further.

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